Monday, September 17, 2012

Utah - Land of Diversity

9/15 - 9/17/12

Saturday we drove to Utah and of course stopped for lunch at La Gormandize French Bakery in SLC. We each had ½ sandwiches so we'd have room for dessert. Showing total restraint we each only had one pastry. It was sad to leave that bakery behind. I am betting it is the best one we find in our long travels. I'll be sure and report if we find a better one.

We enjoyed two nights and a day in Alpine, Utah with Rudy. He is John's friend from Long Beach and they grew up together. The three of us drove up to Homestead Resort on Sunday. I had read an article in Sunset Magazine about the crater/underground pool (I tore the picture out of the magazine) that has thermal (95 degree) water. I had my snorkel gear so had to take a swim. It was $17.00 (costly), but floating around in warm water was really like “the cure.” Being weightless was wonderful with no feet or hips hurting. I did not want to get out and when I did I felt like I weighed 400 lbs.

We found a memorial park, highest point in Midway, which was the Wasatch War Memorial. Beautiful memorial to all who had served and all who died from that county for all wars. The plates went all the way back to 1800's Mormon/Indian wars. They did a perfect job of paying respect to their service men and women.

This area was around Midway and we drove the road to Park City. Many trees were changing color and it was an interesting and lovely trip. I'm going to have to research the history of this area because there is past Swiss or German background, obvious from the architecture.

We came home and made some BBQ marinated pork, salad, french bread and beer. Pretty healthy dinner. We had breakfast out and somehow found a bakery with a few French delicacies and we even had some gelato.

Up early (for us) today and actually on the road at 8:00 a.m. Pretty steady driving since we are going all the way to Ouray, Colorado where we will spend a few nights. We stopped in Grand Junction and had a very good Mexican lunch at Azteca Restaurant (rating of 7.5). Now we may have salad for dinner. So far we haven't gained weight which is good. We haven't lost any either.

We're going to check out the Ouray Museum tomorrow and do a walking tour of the city. There are many beautiful and well kept and restored Victorians. We should learn a lot about the history of the town. Our hotel has a natural thermal temperature pool and whirlpool that we will enjoy after our day of walking.

We are traveling with our silent, but inspiring buddy Verde (Green) Gecko. We are photographing him in interesting spots along the way, so keep you eye peeled.

Hugs to our dear friends. The altitude seems to be OK on our old bodies. I was pretty worried about that. Thanks to Steve we are able to monitor our oxygen. Ouray is at about 7,750 feet. Some of the passes are 11,000 feet, so we're not sure which way we will take out of here, low or high.

We're having fun and so far we've not been arrested. Adios. If you have news, be sure and e-mail or Facebook us. We want to know what's going on with YOU too.

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