Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ajijic - Part III -- The Decorative Mexican Spirit

Memories of cobblestones float in my head, constant vigilance against falling and breaking Lord knows what.  My trusty flip flops quickly traded for the sturdy walking shoe.  John and I with constant reminders to watch for the uplifted sidewalk, holes, drop offs.  There is no OSHA here and you better be watching out for yourself at all times while walking around.

Beauty is everywhere, sidewalks, iron bars, doors, murals that seem to be everywhere, tiles in the most unexpected places.  Mexico is a feast to my eyes and I never get tired of seeing the beauty, colors, textures.

Below are some photos I took showing some of the interesting things we saw.  I could have taken thousands of photos to try and capture each item of beauty, but I spare you that:

Fantastic sink and tile

Huge mural 3 stories in staircase

Turtles carved into stone.  This is
the bottom part of the Central Plaza

Not an inch of the Centro Plaza
was plain.

Tile on a wall

Too beautiful

Carved in stone - the detail is amazing

Church door

Sloped walkway to Central Plaza in
Ajijic.  Fish carved into stone.

Mural, downtown Ajijic

Mural down by the lake

More stone carving - amazing detail

Bottom stone, top mural

This tile was in the women's bathroom

All brick


Beautiful woodwork

Día de Muertos art

Virgin of Guadalupe

Tequila legend mural
Tequila, Mexico

Bronze sculpture
Tequila, MX

Lovely decorated bench
Tequila, MX

Close up of bench
A blue agave

Angel sculpture in front of church
Tequila, MX

Colors of Mexico

Plates on our patio


Painted door

Up by the roof

House with fun paint and decor

This was just painted on a house wall

A sidewalk


So fancy


Old carved cherubs by main gate



I could not even believe this
section of sidewalk


Lovely stone work

Such detail, each small rock chipped
to fit into the pattern

Amazing brick, rock wall

Every place they inserted a rock they had
to carve out the area of brick

Probably my favorite wall

Brick and stone

Glass shards put on fence arch to
keep intruders out

We thought this was an unusual brick fence

Small mural

How they place their street sign 
- on buildings

Fun mural on a bar

Decorative bars

Beautiful carving

We enjoyed Ajijic's beauty at every turn in the road -- be it sidewalks, houses, walls, fences, bars, or the magnificent murals.  Mexico does speak in colors and it speaks loud.  I love this place.