Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pre-Alaska Week

I've had the most amazing pre-Alaska week.  I leave in one day and this week has been nuts.

Our Canadian friend who are staying in Kissimmee came over for a visit.  Their parents came from the Netherlands (Holland) and they told of stories they heard from their parents about WWII, the resistance, eating tulip bulbs.  Many interesting stories.

I decided to start a Meet Up Group called "Just Having Fun" and we are the "Funsters".  57 people have joined and I've responded to each one individually.  I've posted 8 different events -- with our first one being a "Meet up Burger and Beer at Red Robin", right around the corner from us.    I had to ban one lady who wanted to join our group - she seemed to be into S&M and bondage and I just didn't think her definition of fun was the same as ours.  Have scheduled April 1st Sunset Drinks; coffee; picnic with scavenger hunt; Dunedin Highland Games meet up (can't wait for that).  Also we'll go kayaking and I am going to try to paddle board (SUP).  So that has kept me busy and out of trouble.

Then we have a couch surfer named Larry staying here.  He's 69 years old and from Missouri.  He is visiting his brother in the next city over.  Had some nice visits in the evening.

Last night we had our sweet Polish girl, Magda, here cooking Polish dinner, two guys from France who are living/working here - who made a wonderful apple tart - tangy and buttery.  Another lady was here and we just had a real feast.  After dinner we went downtown Dunedin to a bar that had a super band and I love its name "Raised by Wolves".  They played oldies type music that just suited me.  "Kids" all had "chocolate" beer - I had a taste and it did taste like chocolate.  So after the one drink John and I had enough of the night life (now this is around 8:30 p.m. - not like our old, wild stomping days) and we headed home.

Our Polish dinner - we all tried to make
pirogi, we had knishes and borscht, kielbasa

Now I'm thinking about packing.  I had to buy a huge suitcase for all the clothes I need. 

Big suitcase

My boots did finally get here and they seem pretty comfortable. I'm trying to figure out what to wear on my long plane ride.  I want to be comfortable.  Guess I'll just put my heavy coat on top of suitcase and get it out when I get there.

Didn't "pick" red boots, it was all I could get

I'm getting nervous and excited at the same time.  I'm not used to not having John with me -- even though I have traveled by myself a lot, but I will miss him.

Bought a real old fashioned wind up alarm clock today due to my crazy schedule.  Most of my tours pick me up at 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. and we stay out half the night.  I will get back, sleep and then will have to get up to eat and then, as far as I'm concerned, back to bed.   I'm going to get exhausted, but it will be a good tired.

I won't have aurora pictures since I don't have the right kind of camera/tripod and really don't even want to mess with it.  I will keep the pictures in my mind.  When I come back I can look for some similar ones people have taken and show you the "types" of auroras/colors I've seen.

As the song goes,


Way up north (north to Alaska)

Way up north (north to Alaska)

North to Alaska
You go north, the rush is on
North to Alaska
I go North, the rush is on 

Big Sam left Seattle in the year of ninety-two
With George Pratt, his partner and brother, Billy, too
They crossed the Yukon River 
And found the Bonanza Gold
Below that old white mountain 
Just a little south-east of Nome ...................

North To Alaska 2:47
(Franks, Horton)
Johnny Horton
Pop Chart # 4 Sept. 19, 1960
Columbia Records #41782
Album: 'Johnny Horton 16 Biggest Hits'