Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Florida Keys - Long Key to Dunedin

Florida Keys

Long Key to Dunedin

1/22/13 - 1/26/13

Left hotel in Winter Park early and drove to VA for John's blood work. Doctor adjusted his medication and said check back in two weeks. We drove down the Long Key where we stayed at the Lime Tree Hotel. Quite a long drive, but all went smooth. Very pretty beach area with chairs, lounges, hammocks and a pool and hot tub.


Wednesday, we ate our little continental breakfast outside at a table on the beach. We walked out on the pier they have and looked around. Sort of an overcast day. We drove down to Key West which was about 70 miles from our hotel. On the way we stopped at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon. They have two real ambulances and that was amazing. They do such good work in helping our endangered sea turtles.


In Key West, we went down to the harbor area, and over the the marker that is the most southern part and end of the United States. We drove down Duval Street the street where everything is 'happening' but to us it looked like 2,000 tourists and a bunch of bars and tourist shops. We said if we wanted to have lunch and a drink we would drive back another day.


On the way back to our hotel, we went to the Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge that was recommended to us by a lady in the gift shop at the Eco Center. She lives right by the Refuge and gave us a map. We saw the Blue Hole, an old abandoned gravel pit that has natural alligators (as opposed to unnatural) and some turtles. We drove a bit further down the road and it was getting to be evening time. We saw one buck Key Deer who was so regal with his big rack. He just stood there while we took several pictures of him. We drove a little further and we saw at least 6 more Key Deer, we saw a mother and fawn. It was just fantastic. I never would have thought we would see these animals and it was a real thrill.


Thursday we just drove around the Keys a little bit. Went to a small beach called Anne's Beach. Just a nice little cove with some small trees for shade. Had some dinner, drove home, went into the hot tub and watched and photographed the gorgeous sunset.


Slept in on Friday then drove around looking for some shore/pier fishing spots for John to dunk a line. He's not into keeping the fish, but catch and release. Did a bit of fishing in a few places, but no luck. We had a nice lunch and went back to our hotel. Again, watched the sunset. It is really spectacular from our little hotel beach. I wonder how many perfect unset pictures I will have by the time I get home. How could one pick the best anyway? John and I had our first drink since he got out of the hospital. I went in hot tub for a soak.


Up early and our last breakfast on the beach. I will miss this view and serenity. Headed off for Dunedin which is an almost 6 hour drive. I actually drove 2 hours. I've been trying to help out driving since the hospital, but I about have to fight John on this. He loves to drive. I try to put him in the back seat with his legs out, but he says he doesn't fit. Well that's because he doesn't want to fit.

Checked in, looked around and saw Tiki Bar which is famous for having a drink at sunset and then went out for a little dinner. We watched TV from bed and were asleep pretty darn quick. Our dear friend Dave owns the condo we are staying in and we are so thankful. It is great in this little city that was founded by the Scots. We want to explore this entire area and this is a perfect central base. We love this place and area.
Beso del Sol (Kiss of the Sun)
Tiki Bar area right downstairs