Sunday, May 24, 2015

Glorious Zion

Again, not many words necessary.  It is so wonderful to know that these National Parks that we saw were saved for our enjoyment.  That is a good word - en"JOY"ment.  Some of the view were staggering.  I feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to visit Zion.

I'll just share some photos and a bit of commentary.  Enjoy.

Driving into the Park

This checkerboard pattern was so cool

John and I hiked up to this water fall.  A bit of a
hike, at times slippery but it was worth it.  Very pretty.

Many beautiful wildflowers on the trail

Interesting pattern of algae on the rock.  
What does it look like to you?  (I see a little mouse)

Slippery red mud - our shoes were caked with it.
Along our hike we had some light rain.

Always fun to have an encounter with creatures.
He was so cute and posed for me.

Lovely bridge - back to parking lot and we
were very glad to be back and sit down in the car

Beautiful Mule Deer.  I was so excited
to be able to see this animal so close.

Since we have a handicapped plate we were allowed to
 drive our own car instead of taking this shuttle through the 
entire park.  That was wonderful because it was a cold, 
windy and long day.  Parking close was a big help for us.

Our view from the restaurant we had lunch at.  Service
was beyond bizarre.  Servers came 5 times to recheck on
what I had ordered and it was right on the menu?????  

North Fork Virgin River

So park 1 of 5 was done.  Very memorable and special.  You can take so many photos and still not be able to really show how beautiful it is here.  I will always remember Zion.