Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Apartment in Boise 6/5/13 - down size again

I must be missing writing my blog - hard to believe, but true.  I don't have pressure (self imposed) now to get it done weekly so I will write when I feel like it.

We seem to be so busy.  Of course we are getting late starts every day, but that is OK. So many doctor appointments, tests, dentist, get wills done, get funeral arrangements made, check on taxes, etc., etc.  Retired life is just not a piece of cake (ha ha).

Today is John and Robert working on the El Camino.  Try to find some type of electrical short.  They will go to storage and bring me back about 5 boxes so I can restart the sorting.  I just did so much of this before we sold, but now that we've traveled and lived with less I think I can cut back more.  I still have too much.

Robert had his first week of work as a security guard at the mall.  Poor guy, he hates it, but it is a job.  He came home last night at 12:30 a.m., had been made fun of by kids and then had to try to round up some kids later and was cussed at in filthy language by them all.  Had huge blisters on his feet in several places.  He also got his first Oregon unemployment check.  First check, bad job.  We will sit down today and try to get some game plan for him.  Tech school, another job, or looking at apprenticeships.  He surely has a taste of real life now, so let's hope he can get on a good career path.

If our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment is full and we are surviving quite well, then what else do I need.  So I probably have 200 boxes to go through.  I will have fits over photographs and the sentimental stuff.  I wonder if I need to hire a cruel organizer who could boss me around and force me to get rid of certain things?

So sort, trash, Goodwill, or repack.  I hope I am able to make some good progress.