Sunday, April 7, 2013

Altamonte Springs - out of hospital

Monday, thought John was going to get out of the hospital, but a few of his doctors weren't quite ready to let him go.  I think he ended up having about nine different specialists.  Amazing.  His primary doctor is very careful and just wants to be sure all things are in order.  In anticipation of John's release I got a room at the Marriott Residence Inn for 6 nights.  I just think it is too much to take John to some one's house and he needs his space and to rest in his own environment.  This place has room for all 3 of us and a full kitchen.

Robert and I checked into our room.  It's nice with plenty of space for us.  We found out that on Monday through Thursday night they have "hospitality hour" where they provide guests with a meal.  Unreal.  We went at 6:00 p.m. and they had chicken fettuccine alfredo, salad, garlic bread, beer, sodas, cookies.  Food was delicious and to think it was free.

Next day, I got up and went to breakfast included with room.  Excellent spread with many choices.  What a great place to stay with all these good meals included.  Came back to room and Robert was up (missed breakfast) so we went to the hospital to spend time with John.  In the afternoon I sent Robert over to pick up food from Hwong's house.  She had left overs that she wanted us to take.  Looks like John will really get out today.  Exhaustion took over and Robert and I went shopping for some food for Dad and then back to room.  I was going to lay down for a nap but called John first.  He said they were just going over his discharge papers.  Drove over to hospital, went over discharge documents, medicines with nurse and got John out of there.  Brought him to room, he laid down and had a good nap.  Robert and I went to hotel's dinner.  Came back and made a little food for John.  He is so limited on what he can eat with no salt, low fat, low vitamin K, etc., that it is best from now on if I make most of his food.  TV, reading and to bed.

Robert took this picture
Life in the fast lane

Up early, hotel breakfast and John and I went to the VA.  John needed to get his blood clot time (INR) checked.  Saw the nurse and we had to tell the entire - Cancun, ER, ICU story.  John's blood pressure was low, so doctor came in and told the entire story again.  Signed release for John's medical records to come to VA from the hospital.  Got a wheelchair for John as those halls and lots of walking will wear him out, and we went to lab to get blood drawn.  Had to wait 1 1/2 hour for results so we went to the cafe and had a drink and read.  Back to Green Team and waited.  Saw doctor who gave us instructions.  John does not have to check in with Green Team until Monday.  Went to pharmacy to turn in prescription, then a wait of about one hour.  Finally finished up.

Stopped at grocery store, John was going to go in, but walked up to door and turned around saying he better wait in the car.  Picked up a few things and came back to hotel.  Nap for John.  I made him his dinner and Robert and I went to hotel's dinner.  Back in room for a little TV, watched the news and there is going to be a tornado around Titusville in a little while.  Bad weather and rain is on its way here for two days.  Early to bed for a good night's sleep.

Up early and John had a shower and said it felt so good.  We (Robert still sleeping) went to hotel breakfast.  Then back to room, John napped.  I went to Walmart to pick up a few things.  Got two Red Box movies for tonight.  Humid out - which is hard on John.  I looked up rainy day things to do so I think Robert and I will go to the Science Museum tomorrow if he can possibly manage to get up before noon.  He is a cursed night owl. 

Friday, John and I to breakfast, Robert slept.  While walking I heard this weird tapping noise and looked up in the tree and there was a pretty woodpecker.  I ran back to the room and got my camera.  It was so neat to see this close up.

Look for the red head
Robert finally got up so we went to the Science Museum.  They had a special exhibit, Star Wars:  Where Science Meets Imagination that explores the fantastical technology depicted in the films and the science behind them.  Robert enjoyed it, and I had almost no Star Wars knowledge so it was OK.  Nice museum though with lots of hands on exhibits.  I got to stand in a booth that had Category 1 hurricane winds; build things, including a robot; and report the news in front of a green screen.  We saw a fascinating 3D all surround movie called "Space Junk".  Hard to believe we've managed to trash up space too.  Robert and I had a nice lunch.  John walked a little today and rested some more.  We don't have dinner at our hotel, so I made a little dinner for John.

Robert with a Star Wars creature
Fun working with a robot
Green screen to do weather forecast
I'm above on the screen
Simulated hurricane tube
Wind for Category 1 at 78.6 mph
Up for breakfast, minus Robert, and then we all drove down to the Wekiwa State Park.  Beautiful springs, swimming, canoeing and kayaking.  Many nice hiking trails.  I'm not getting in that water since there are alligators -- how could anyone get in that water? 
A wonderful Florida State Park
A good rest
The swimming area
Oh yeah, swim with gators
A huge winged creature
Kayak/canoe area
Be watchful of alligators,
what, are you kidding?
A nice day to be out.  Came back and I went into the heated pool.  Later played a little basketball with Robert, haven't done that for a long time and it was fun.  It felt good getting out and getting some exercise.  Sitting in the hospital for days is hard on the body.  We went out for dinner at Sweet Tomato, a large salad bar type place, with soups (none for John), baked items and desserts.  Wanted to find something John could eat and he enjoyed his dinner.
Nice heated pool
These guys needed to get outside
and enjoy the day

Sunday, we all had breakfast at hotel, then packed up car.  Robert was a big help with the packing.  We will be going down to one of our favorite resorts in Kissimmee (we've spent 5 weeks here) and continue John's recuperation.  This is the pool you can just walk into with no hesitation because the water is so perfect.  We got 2 bedrooms here, and Robert's room is in Suite B, so he has his own living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  He thinks that is pretty cool and better than sleeping on the pull out couch where we were.
Did some wash, will go to the store for food, John watched some of NASCAR and is napping.  I'm sure it will be early to bed tonight.  We head up to Winter Park tomorrow early to go to VA for blood tests and I have a dentist appointment tomorrow for my tooth that is bothering me a little.  I don't want that to flare up and get worse.
So we will take this next week to figure out what we are doing.  Flying, driving, fly/drive, it is all up in the air.  Seeing how things are tomorrow can help give us an idea.  John is very, very tired, so we need to see how he is going to rally.  At least he is not in pain, just tired with very little exertion.