Tuesday, March 29, 2016

January and February 2016.

I've been lazy and taking a rest from my blog.  Once you get backed up on blogs it is so hard to catch up.  Being back in Florida has been nothing but fun and I'm really not getting much accomplished - like finishing putting up pictures on the wall, scanning pictures, sorting through more "stuff" and getting rid of our storage unit.  I feel a little guilty and I keep saying that after (>>>>>>>>>>) I will settle down and do some real work on this type of thing.  I guess we'll see.  I'd love to give a good report saying all things are scanned, storage unit is gone and apartment is totally organized -- we'll see.

I'll just do a little run down showing my procrastinations that have kept me from real work.

I have made 2016 my year of health, so I've been walking quite a bit, tracking my food and trying to cut back on carbs and sugar.  This alone takes some time, but it will be worth it.

There are three ponds I walk by right at our apartments.   Each one 
has at least one alligator we see regularly.  I've even named them,  
Gaylord, Gertrude and Allie.  It is so different to live here.

This is Crystal Beach, about 15 minutes from our house.  Love the
 sea foam along the shore.  The dog playing in the water was the 
happiest dog I have ever seen.  He was having a ball.

Community built pier (donations) Crystal Beach.

Just Having Fun day at the Tampa Bay History Center. 
 Learned a great deal here.

Same day, across the way at the arena was the Ringling Brothers Circus.  
It was a little weird to look across the street and see an elephant walking by.

One of the exhibits on ranching in Florida.  we got to sit on moving 
saddles as we watched a nice video on rustling up the cattle.  It was so 
funny and we were just cracking up.

New Meet Up group we joined:  Cruiseaholics.  They had a day down at Treasure Island for the Kite Tournament.  It was so cool.  Fantastic kites.

Our friends, Steve and Susie, who we've been friends with for years in 
Boise, who had moved to Oregon, were in Florida and we went to lunch 
and had a fun day together in wonderful Tarpon Springs.

January 30th  - February 6th, we made our annual trek over to Kissimmee.  We always go to see friends.  Our Canadians we only saw for one dinner as they had to rush home for a funeral.  We did visit with Tom in Clermont and Barbara and Josh for dinner and mini golf.  

Walt and Lammy and our server wanted to join in our photo, funny.

We had dinner and then mini golf with our friends, Josh won, but 
I think he cheated (joke).  It was a bit cold and breezy that night.

I liked the bark on this tree

 Merritt Island waterway.  Fun watching big sailboats pass through.

Our friends Lenore and Rick, spending a few months in Titusville.  As usual, we had a great visit.  You may recognize them as we met up them in August in Helena, MT

Spent one of our Kissimmee days exploring the historic downtown.
  This is a pretty Methodist church.

One legged bird, seemed to be doing fine and looks very healthy.  Lake Tohopekaliga, (say that 3 times fast) downtown Kissimmee. 

This is called the Monument of States, erected 1943.

 A lakeside house.  I liked all the awnings.

This gator was at least 10 feet long.  Isn't it a shame he has to be by litter.  I wanted to go down and clean up that shore, but I'd say it was a little too risky.

Now this shows America's fear of any liability.  I just couldn't believe this.  Isn't this called personal responsibility.  What a crazy country.

Super Bowl Party with a Meet Up Group
Treasure Island, FL

Dunedin - Mardi Gras parade, so fun

It was pretty cold (for Dunedin that night).  
Who is that masked man?

Bundled up.  My first marked event.  Lots of opportunities
here for dressing up and having lots of fun.

I made a King Cake for Mardi Gras.

Fun that it was a night parade

Look at the amount of beads we got.  Very heavy.

Tampa Trump Rally

My friend Kathie.

The Donald - he gave a very good speech.

Day at the races - Tampa Bay Downs with my Meet Up
group - Just Having Fun - Clearwater.  I actually won a bit of
money for the very first time.

Some of our FUNSTERS.

FUNSTERS at Hamburger Mary's for
dinner and trivia.

FUNSTER event - Leepa Rattner Museum and lunch
My friend Wendy named this "Mother of 6 Children"
and we laughed so hard, really suits the painting.

Titled "Watch Dog" how appropriate

Lunch after museum, one of my favorite places
Bread & Butter Deli

I drove to Sarasota and spent the night with a couch surfer
so I could go to John Two Hawks concert.  Treated CS to 
concert.  We ate dinner here - Walt's Fish Market & Restaurant.  
 The best smoked fish dip.

John Two Hawks, saw him in Boise in June 2015.  He is an amazing 
musician and storyteller.  So glad I went to this concert.

Couchsurfer was a minimalist, yoga instructor.
Simple, lovely home.

Rushed back from Sarasota to join FUNSTERS for 
AYCE snow crab at Cooter's on Clearwater Beach.   It was great.

After lunch drove down to Englewood to pet sit for our
friends for 7 days.  Had so many plans and we both got
sick as dogs and only had one day where we were able to 
do anything.  We did enjoy their dog Max.

John walked a little way

My hike at Stump Pass.  Seemed to
take forever to get to the end and the return
seemed very short.

End of the trail

Stump Pass - appropriate name.

I'd swear this hike was 5 miles each way.  Brilliant 
when I took off in my flip flops.  Do I ever learn?

So January and February were full of lots of different activities.  We were in several areas of Florida.  We will never see it all, but we are trying.  An amazing and wonderful place to live.  We made a great decision to come here.