Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mid America - OK, KS 9/30/12

Had a nice visit with our friends Elisa and George in Las Vegas, NV where we spent two nights.  They live out in the country and George has built 90% of his home.  It is very pretty and so interesting.  Went into town and looked at the old downtown, plaza, church.  Walked on a part of the Santa Fe Trail.  The time went by too fast, but we willhopefully do some travels with them in 2013.

Long, long drive to Oklahoma.  Stopped by the tourist attraction called "Cadillac Ranch"....... it is 10 Cadillacs that are wildly painted, and one-half buried with their fronts sticking up.  We just cracked up since we thought it would be maybe hundreds of cars.  Oh well, we had a laugh.  We didn't walk out to the cars to get close up pictures since it was raining and the ground all muddy and the cars are just out in a field.

We ate at the home of the free 72 oz steak that was on the Food Channel's Man Eater show.  Funky, fun place.  We did not try to eat the 72 ouncer, but had a nice lunch.

Right now we are in Wichita, KS.  John is taking a nap and I'm hearing Nascar in the background.  It is our day off - to relax.  We stopped in at the Oklahoma City National Memorial this morning and then had a short drive.  Discovered that we do need to take a day off from seeing things at least once a week.  It is funny because this is our "life" and we have to realize that we're not on vacation -- we can't always be on the go.

We spent 2 nights in Oklahoma City at our first ever Couch Surfer "CS" stop -- Ben's house.  He was a great host and made us welcome.  There was another CS named Amy there.  She was from Austin, TX and came to participate in two days of regatta competition.  Ben had a party last night and we got to meet his friends and have a feast.  Very fun visit. 

Saturday we toured the OK Museum of Art which was great because they have a very large collection of Dale Chuly glass.  I had seen Chuly glass both in Boise, at our art museum and in Tacoma, WA at the Glass Museum.  What a gifted artist.  There was a continual light sprinkling but we walked around downtown and to the Myriad Botanical Garden.  I can imagine this being a wonderful family place to spend time and picnic in the summer.

Drove to the State Capital which was very typical.  Since it was Saturday it was closed so we couldn't go inside.  At Ben's party I was told the dome was added about 10 years ago which seemed really funny.  Maybe when constructing it they ran out of money and said they would add it later????  I will have to research this oddity.

Tomorrow we will get to Robert's house.  He will be working 12 hour shifts, so I hope we will get a little time to visit with him.  We can try to fit in a meal out and we'll go to the store and get him some groceries.  I may even do a little cleaning for him. (???)   We will drive to Jefferson City to see the Missouri capital building.  We'll look around the area and then on Friday we head to St. Louis, MO to CS with a couple.  We plan on seeing the St. Louis Arch and go up in it and see the view.

Seems like our stuff in growing.  We need to unpack our trunk and repack it.  We haven't bought anything except some snack food but it is just that our things are being moved around and we need to work at getting things back like they were.  We have to be able to close our trunk.

We only have 3 guesses for the contest (when we will end our trip) so if you want to make a guess, let me know.  Info about contest is in past blog of 9/21/12 - prize is $100.  Contest closing date is 10/15/12.  We do hope you will play.

We love to hear from you, ideas, suggestions, etc.  Hugs and well wishes to you all.