Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015

New Year, just can't stay home this year and scream Happy New Year.  We went  to St. Petersburg for First Night 2015.  Stayed at a close by hotel, hot tub, lovely dinner and just a good time.

This was a long, long maze walk lit with luminaries
Circle, circle, circle and then tie your wish on the tree

Beautiful, huge banyan tree lit up

8:00 p.m. kids fireworks, fun.  We didn't even
make it till 12:00 downtown for big fireworks

Maze walk to put up your wish

 Had great dinner at Red Mesa Cantina

Sunken Gardens with Funsters

 Lunch at 4th Street Shrimp Store

Another Funster Day at Pass A Grill

Lovely day

Funsters - Trivia Night at Hamburger Mary's

We came in 2nd and got this prize

Couchsurfer guest, Sunone, a trained
meditation expert.  She was a Buddhist nun

 Enjoyed our afternoon at Tarpon Springs

 Dali Museum cool staircase

Florida clouds are spectacular

Date Night
Star Lite Dinner Cruise
Clearwater Marina

 Start of a pretty sunset
Clearwater Beach

 Middle of sunset - quite spectacular

Our date night
cruise, dinner & dancing, oh and wine

 Coats in FL - Jan. has been cold
The wind was howling all day

Last week of January was busy.  We are trying to plan ahead for our Florida return in mid-October. We have been looking at apartments - we saw 8 of them -- so we will be able to get our place ready to move into when we get back.  This will avoid us having to stay in a hotel for a week or two.  Pretty tiring and they all run together.  John is keeping a good spreadsheet - so we have No. 1,2,3,4 & 5 -- with the hope that No. 1 will have a vacancy and if not down the line we'll go.

Been eating Thai food this month, three times.  Dieting (or rather eating healthy) so we're trying some new things.  It has been fun experimenting and learning about more veggies, less meat, less carbs.

January 31st, fun evening with my Meet Up group, Just Having Fun.  We went to the Mystery Dinner Theater.  Great dinner and a campy fun show.


Crime scene

Bribe money to use to get clues

Funsters with the actors

Lots of firsts this month, so continuing to See It All......................Looking forward to February - a fun filled month.