Monday, October 20, 2014

Mexico - Week 1 Riviera Maya - Sept/Oct. 2014

Oh such a fun time.  We spent two weeks down South with our friends Debbie and Larry.  We stayed at Mayan Palace (our timeshare) one week.  We then spent a week at Casa Maya.  We love the beach there as it is calm and you can enjoy it without worrying about big waves.

The highlight was seeing all our friends in Mexico.  We're so blessed to have dear Mexican friends, most met through Couch Surviving.   I'm mostly going to post pictures and just put a note under it instead of day by day, etc.

These will just be my favorites photos, not in any particular order.

Yal Ku for snorkeling

John was so happy to be able to snorkel

 So happy I bought an underwater camera
the night before we left.

So hard to take underwater pictures
with no glasses on and fast moving fish

Lunch at La Buena Vida - delicious.
I had the best mole of my life here.

Akumal is where you can always find turtles

Beautiful Akumal Bay

Tortuaga, now I'm so joyful

Beautiful Sting Ray, so luck to get that picture

The Mayan Palace


Beautiful sculpture of Mayan Kukulcan

 The most beautiful complex of pools I've seen

Walking on water

Debbie & Larry
You could not keep these two out of the water

Met my friend Paulo in Playa del Carmen
for a cochinita pibil buffet

It's 5:00 o'clock somewhere

The pork was delicious

Paulo, Gena, Debbie, Larry & John

Next five pictures - Tulum


Stopped by Puerto Adventuras

 2x1 margaritas, who could resist.

Stopped by Puerto Morelos

They had some amazing potholes


 Outdoor entertainment.  This is the Yucatan Bottle Dance

Entry to Night Spectacular

Light off, blessings made and the entire place
was filled with candle light.

 Mayan Fire Ball Game, similar to hockey. 
It was amazing and fun.

 Danza de los Viejitos (Dance of the Little Old Men).  Love
this dance.  

 Dancing, singing, mariachis, horses

The show had a total of 300 performers.  The costumes
 were out of this world, the sets.  I loved every minute of 
it and it was worth every penny.

We had an amazing time in Riviera Maya.  There are so many unique things to see and do and as many times as we've been there, and as much as we've done, we can still go back and find more treasures.