Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bahamas – Another Ho Hum Week in Paradise  

Pretty enough to be a post card picture
Clouds are perfect

December 15 -21, 2012

Monday went to scuba refresher with Grand Bahama Scuba (Fred and Melinda). It was fun and it all came right back to me. Just wasn't sure after a year, but looks like the old brain is still working. I talked with Fred about his little scuba school and with all the equipment (many sets of diving gear, space rental, 3 boats he has, air tank compressor) his investment is over $1M. That is amazing to think about. John couldn't go because he just can't breath well enough now to snorkel or scuba. He did lots of scuba in his late teens, so at least he hasn't missed out totally on the underwater. He kindly took shuttle and did our grocery shopping. Weird how the store has things one week, but not the next even when it was fully stocked.

Went to Marketplace and had a gyro for lunch. So delish I could eat one every day. Walked around and then went to Casino. No cruise ships in so it was extremely quiet in there. Weird to see the poor workers standing behind their game tables with nothing to do but stand there. Played a few slot machines, lost our money and left. Back at the resort and walked on the beach, watched the fantastic sunset. Met a lady who said the sunset reminded her of one she had seen with her dad over 50 years ago. It brought back so many memories for her and tears. I went over and hugged her and said that we never do forget our dear parents. She thanked me for the hug and said it meant so much to her.   Made us both feel good.
Beautiful Bahama Sunset

Spent part of day on the beach, in and out of the water, reading, had a beer. A beautiful day, calm water, just a few clouds. At 2:30 I was picked up for my scuba dive. Went out with about 8 other divers about one mile off shore to Silver Reef.   First time I scubaed with a group, but our dive master was great and we had two of their team along watching over us.  My greatest fear is being lost or left, so I'm careful about the company I scuba with.  I watched that movie where the two divers were left behind and eaten by sharks.  It was horrible so I'm probably lucky that I will even go out.  What a neat reef. So many beautiful fish. Fred said there are over 400 types of fish there. I got to hold a big sea cucumber, and a brittle star fish. Very good time and I had lots of fun. 

Gena with a Sea Cucumber
Lots of fish
 Woke up Thursday at 6:45 a.m. and wonder what is wrong with me being up so early.  It is probably that I don't stay up as late as I did before (1:00 or 2:00 a.m.).  Spent half day on the beach, finished my book. We had four books we'd read and gave them to some people we met. That will cut down on our return luggage. Went to office and picked up my scuba pictures on a thumb drive from yesterday's dive.

12/21/12 (Mayan end of world day) woke up to howling wind at 7:00 a.m. and a bit later got some pelting rain. Hope we get through the day and see the sunrise tomorrow. Took a walk on the beach, took a few more pictures and then came back to the room. Spent the rest of the day here due to the high wind. Read and took a nap.

I've been surprised at how little stuff a person can live with. I took one small suitcase and a carry on (computer, of course, and Rx, toiletries) and managed to do fine for four weeks. I actually didn't even wear all the clothes I took. Two pairs of shoes, tennis and flip flops unbelievable. Of course, we were in a tropical place and made up our minds that we were not going to get dressed up.   How simple.

I finally got this loaded onto my computer on Saturday, Dec. 29th.  Had all kinds of connection issues.  We're at the library in Ormond Beach to look up stuff and get this posted.  It is time to post my new blog today too.