Saturday, January 23, 2016


Saturday, late afternoon arrived on Kauai to quite a bit of wind, but it doesn't seem as hot and humid here. Got to our room and our air conditioner doesn't seem to be working!!!!!!! I've been looking forward to this for a week.
The ocean in front of our condo was definitely no swim water, swirling and very dangerous.  Nice paved walking trail along the water.

Our first condo was oceanfront

See the trees blow.  This is our first porch.  
Kauai was quite windy and a bit cooler.

Next day we were moved to a new place, 2 bedroom with air conditioning, 2nd floor, but they had an elevator.  Oh Praise the Lord, I'm cool.  So that pretty much blew Sunday with moving, so we just rested.

Monday, we headed up to explore the North coast. Nothing on this small island is very far. Stopped at every overlook, beach, and found some neat places. I was especially glad to find a great place with a barrier reef for safe snorkeling. So we will go back there to snorkel and spend a restful day at the beach. John is happy to even think about a peaceful day on the beach.

These birds are endangered.

Stopping along the way to find a good snorkel
beach for another day.  Need a safe place.

This was so cool and looked like gold.  It was just sand on the black
rocks, but reminded us of gold panning and wouldn't that be nice if 
that was gold just sitting there.

Found a great cove for snorkeling and there are
turtles here, bathrooms, showers.  Perfect.

Arrived in Hanalei Bay

Thought this note was odd, but then you
think about 100+ tourists petting kitty.  
Could get exhausting.

Waterfall in the middle and two to the right.


Had a nice lunch here.

Wai' oli Hui' ia Church
Hanalei, Kauai
Built 3rd time in 1841

Beautiful aqua water that can be treacherous

Wet cave

At the beach

These chickens were everywhere.

Perfect license plate for Hawaii. We saw 
several beautiful rainbows and loved it.

A huge dry cave

You could buy fresh coconut water here.

Another single lane bridge, this one had two sections.

Across and then turn left for part two of bridge.

Most drivers in Hawaii were very courteous.  
If they weren't then they were deadly.

A perfect view

Breathtaking view point.  Could make you cry it was 
so beautiful.  Leaving Hanalei.

Day 3 was exploration of the West side of the island. Not often do we get days that are an 11 out of 10, but this day was it. We drove up the coast road to the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon.  This was my favorite place on our entire trip.
We arrived at the overlook.  There was a steep stairway up, but luckily they had a nice handicap access sidewalk we could slowly walk up  John said he'd wait below because inclines are very hard on him.  I slowly got to the first level and looked over and my eyes almost exploded with beauty.  I called down to John and said I don't care if it takes you an hour to get up here, you must see this.  So he came up and it wasn't too bad.  Oh, unreal, unbelievable.  I was astounded.  There were 2 more little levels so we went to the top  I just can't say how overwhelmed I was here.  Let's say I took more than 50 pictures and less than 200, LOL  This is on my top 10 places I've ever seen list.

We drove the entire canyon road to the very top and stopped at the end of the road. At the top I was hoping for a rainbow, but the sun would come and go and finally it just started raining and got all fogged in. I was fascinated with the fog - see the view, now its gone, see the view, now its gone. So fun to have those clouds of fog blow over and you could not see anything. Wait a few minutes it was gone and you could see all the way down to the beach. It was so, so beautiful. I will never forget this marvelous drive and the canyon and vistas/views.

No photos can do this place justice.

Takes your breath away.

Locks of love

To me, the best place in all the Hawaiian islands.

It was hard to leave this place.

Many helicopters were taking trips in.  I'm sure
their views were pretty spectacular.

So many lookouts along the road

You can see all the way down to the ocean.

Then comes fog

More blowing in

Total fog out, wild.  This is all in about 4 minutes.
It came and went several times while we were there.

Starting to clear.

 You can now see the beach again.  This whole fog/unfog
process happened about 4 times while we were there.  It
was really fun to watch.  Here it is, now it is gone.

John and the chickens.  He had fun with them.

Now heading down the mountain and some scenery along the way.


Looking back up the canyon, saying thanks and sadly goodbye.
I will never forget the beauty I saw here.

Drove down to Allen's Port and turned around and guess what, a beautiful rainbow.  I was ecstatic and this is what made our "10" day into an "11"  Hawaii is known for its rainbows and I'd been hoping for one and finally there it was.

Stopped on the way home at the Marriott Courtyard for a Li Hing Mui margarita (had to try that) and dinner.  Sat on the patio and had a nice dinner.  Just as we were finishing the wind kicked up like a mini hurricane and the rain came.  Good timing to head home.  Long, wonderful day that I will never forget.

This is going on forever..........but I've got to include my snorkeling with sea turtles.

We found our beach for snorkeling and spent a day there.  John just wanted to relax on the beach and I was off to find turtles.  Took awhile, but finally I found them and was so happy.

Nice calm bay, reef out so it keeps the water safe.

Our little spot.

My sweet turtles

 Two turtle together, a first for me


The happy snorkeler

Man lying on beach with a visitor.

Kauai was amazing and our favorite island of the four we saw.
Thanks Hawaii for some good memories.