Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ajijic and Chapala, Part II

Cobblestones, that could be my most memorable thing from Ajijic.  We had to be on guard constantly so we did not fall down, or break something.  My flip flops were out the window traded in for my sturdy tennis shoes.  Narrow streets, beautiful d├ęcor on sidewalks (where there were some), doors, buildings, iron work.  Hardly a surface in the area was not beautifully decorated.  I've done a separate blog showing the beauty we found.

We mostly walked around each day, no car, so we got some good exercise.  We took a different street each day and explored the tiny village.

Had a good time pet sitting two wonderful dogs.  Enjoyed the home and the homeowners were great people.  Once we moved to our second week AirBnB place we were closer in town, but not right downtown.  Had to walk about 8 blocks to get to town center.

We went on a tequila tour to the town of Tequila.  Guided tour of Jose Cuervo (cuervo means raven) tequila factory, and also the field where they grow the blue agave.  Enjoyed that day.  The legend:  http://www.tequilarevolucion.com/en/tequila_revolucion_legend_history.php

Ishmael - he can cut 600 blue agaves a day
The plants need to be 7-10 years old to harvest

Called the pineapple, this is the
part of the blue agave they smoke
and make tequila out of

Jose Cuervo factory - putting the pineapples
into the ovens for smoking

Elegant tequila tasting

End of tour - free margarita
Mural showing legend of how tequila
was discovered

Beautiful church in center of main plaza
Tequila, Mexico

Went to the marketplace, which was on our end of town.  There were probably 150 vendors - fruits, vegetables, meat, textiles, jewelry , food.  It was amazing and I bought a few wonderful items that will be my treasures from Ajijec.

I bought a hand made rug from this lady.
In 1994 a book was written about her family.  I came
home and ordered a used copy.  They get the wool, clean
it, dye it, comb it, prepare it and then she hand weaves it.
She was very sweet and her work was exquisite.

Lunch at Tango with Adrian, Deborah & John
Adrian is a ESL teacher in Oman, Deborah's friend

Great lunch at Peacock Garden

We enjoyed the birds in the garden

Went to a little Pulqueria, and met Roberto Santana, the owner who told us all about pulque, and other unusual Mexican native drinks.  We enjoyed our time visiting with him.

Roberto Santana

We had so many wonderful meals.  We'd usually eat out for one large meal each day and then just find something simple to eat at our little casa.

Lake Chapala
Net fishing

Mt. Garcia in the background on the left

On Golden Pond

It is a wonderful place to experience.  Pure, perfect air, calm, mellow, nice people.  I could live there, but not right now.  I think it seems like there are too many older people.  I need more of a mixture of ages and it just seems too gray there.  A person could live down there probably for $1,200 if they were careful with their money.  So we enjoyed our mellow trip and I would like to return someday and explore out laying areas, and even do some exploring the Guadalajara.

Viva Mexico