Tuesday, October 8, 2019

London. Oct 2 -8, 2019 - Bouremouth 6-7th

Nice flight on British Airways, smooth.  Food was English for sure.  Our flight attendant never cracked a smile...felt I was on Lufthansa.

We flew into Gatwick and got a cab to City.  $107 pounds.  Could have taken train or Uber, but we were so packed down we didnt' want to walk anywhere except outside.  Since we're staying a month we wanted to take lots of things and plenty for cold, rain.  We didn't plan on a hurricane.

Day one after arriving we took the Hop on Hop off red and blue lines and got a good overall feel for the city.  There is so much to see here.  Had a nice lunch.  Cheryl had fish and chips which was to be expected.  I tried a chicken and mushroom pot pie.  Their chips (french fries) were very good.

Visited so many places.  Westminster Abbey, Churchill War Room, Tower Bridge, The View Shard.

Made a quick over night trip down to Bournemouth (down South and we had views of the English Channel, very rough water) to see my FFI friend, Gulsen, I met in Mexico.  She was a wonderful tour guide on our fast trip and we were able to see lots of special places in the area.  Funny train trip with our train that had brake problems, off to a new train which was packed (we were squished) with soccer fans, many of them drunk, but we persevered and made it to our destination only an hour late.  Had a Turkish breakfast cooked by my friend that was delicious, along with Turkish tea.

Lots of walking, crispy air, some rain but mostly gentle.  I really like London.  Our location is close to the Tower Bridge and we have two undergrounds within walking distance.  We are getting around fine.

Tonight we're going to see Wicked.  I'm excited since I've wanted to see it for several years.  Have to figure out how to get there as our close bus here has changed routes due to Extinct Rebellion Protests -- regarding climate change.  Many arrests are happening as they are blocking roads and plan to continue for two weeks.   https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/the-news-explained/extinction-rebellion-protests-where-are-they/

So interesting first week sightseeing, visiting friends and having a good time.  We've had lots of first and it has been interesting sometimes trying to figure out new or different things.  We take a lot of granted.  Travel is about learning and seeing how other cultures live.  Seems we'd almost be the same as England, but we've noted many differences.  Cool.

Depicts peace

Breach of a PSPO is a criminal offence subject to a fine on conviction of up to £1,000 however, where possible a warning will first be issued before the issuing of a fixed penalty notice 

Erected 2004
Lovely tribute to all animals who "served"

Trafalgar Square - stunning square

Cheryl, enjoying her tea

Interesting, fee bike storage rental

Memorial next to Westminster Abbey

No pictures inside Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

The inevitable fish & chips

Had lunch here and didn't know it was
the oldest brewery

Beautiful carved ball memorial

Very interesting Horse Guards Museum

Very ornate drum

Great portrait of the boys

Wonderful display of many types of head wear
Very elaborate and ornate

This looks like an old painting I think

Winston Churchill's underground room
where he guided England during WWII

 I loved Winston Churchill and think he
was one of the greatest men 

We had a nice breakfast here at
the Cat and Cucumber - such a funny name

View from Tower Bridge.  I thoroughly
enjoyed this tour.

Engine that opens/closes draw bridge
The Engine Room

Felt lucky to see the bridge open for a ship

Looking up at The Shard
We went up and the 360 view was beyond belief
We have a nice view of this from our flat

A Sunday tradition in England
A roast is what they call it

Wonderful partially restored castle with
an interesting history

Thatched roof

This is a mansion, now a hotel.  A
previous owner was Richard Branson

We couldn't go inside because someone had rented
the entire estate the day we visited for a wedding

Gulsen's beautiful breakfast
Turkist style eggs, Turkish tea and all the trimmings
I was so surprised on this cold day to
see some English surfers.  Visited with them
and they were so great.  Said no sharks here, LOL

Pretty obvious the wind was blowing

This is the English Channel
The water is very rough in this area

Our Hop on Hop off day, routes took a
long time with all the traffic


I could write tons more and add more pictures, but I'm trying to keep up week to week.  There is just too many of things to see and do.