Monday, January 8, 2018

Cancun - Nov. 4 - 30 2017 (Merida separate)

Another great trip down to the Yucutan, I never tire of it, always some new things to discover, people to meet.  So lucky this time to have friends join us for two of our weeks -- Mike and Cheryl the first week, and Lenore for the second week.  Made rediscovering some things extra fun and also had new adventures with them.

Firsts were Pirate Ship dinner on the water that was very fun.  Going to the Ice House on Isla Murjues and then a boat trip to Isla Contoy (Island of Pelicans).  Three days of snorkeling and saw some great reefs and fish.  Saw some big barracudas too.  Unfortunately, no turtles this trip.  So glad I had Mike, Cheryl, and Lenore to snorkel with.

Then to top off friends, and so odd, we met our friends from Boise, Idaho down here for a snorkel day at Puerto Morelos.  I met Stacy through her walking meetup 2 years ago and we because friends.  So nice to meet her husband and two really nice teens (refreshing).  You just never know who you will encounter down here.

Made some new friends from Michigan.  Had some good talks with them and went out to the Surfin Burritos to dinner with them.  They told us about (just can't say "turned us on to"  LOL) the Blue Gecko where we finally had dinner our last night with our Mexican familia.  One drink was as potent as Dale's carmel which was delicious.  Fun to find new places.

Saw friends who live here, Victor, Margarita & Henry - brief visits. Leon twice and Mario, Perla, little Raffia, and Perla's Dad, Beto.  We had Beto's birthday dinner at Perla's house and I cooked dinner.  We had a great evening.

Saw the great movie CoCo in Spanish with Lenore.  We both loved it so much we want to see it in English to pick on the little things we missed.  Everyone should see CoCo.

Not much to say about paradise.  Had some great food with meals being so large we usually brought half home for the next day.   Had two trips to Isla Mujures, a first time boat trip to Isla Contoy (Island of the Pelicans) had great food and rested a little bit too.  On 11/23 we fly to Merida for 6 nights.  This will all be new and exciting.  Talking a walking tour the first day and after that we'll play it by ear.  We are staying at a little AirBnB colonial home in the center of town, close to everything.  I think I'll do a separate blog about Merida since it is all new.

So overall our Cancun time was great and we do love it down here.  Now I'll let the pictures speak for themselves..........

By the time it was time to go home, we were ready.  Great adventures, great friends, great times.  Viva Cancun.

We had so many laughs together.


Isla Mujures, Sculpture Garden

Cool napkin holder.

We arrived right after Dia de los Muertos so
there were still altars and decor around.  I had this
day explained to me by my friend Victor in detail
and it is very interesting and meaningful.

Isla Mujures - in the sculpture garden, so cool, huge sculptures.

My buddy Cheryl.  So glad we got to spend
time together again.  There were no shells to
pick up, but we had many new adventures.

Baby Raffie, I'm his Tia GG (Aunt).  He's such
a good baby and his mom and dad are crazy about him.

Banyon Tree at Maya Museum.  Walking through we saw
birds, termite nests, iguanas and bats all over the place.

Sunset at Isla Mujures


Lenore and I had a fun visit to El Rey. 
We even enjoyed some rain that caught us.

Our view from the balcony for 3 1/2 weeks,
Case Maya, Cancun

Cool outside art at Maya Museum

The best damn chocolate mousse in the entire world.  Had to go back another day to just 
have the mousse and tequila and sangrita.  I will miss this mousse so much.

Here is our tequila tasting we had with
Mike and Cheryl.  See the sangrita in background.

A great, great movie.

What's for lunch.

Lagoon view from dinner at Captain's
Cove, Cancun.

Snorkeled a little on Isla Contoy.

Beautifyl amberjack served for lunch
on Isla Contoy trip.  Great staff on boat.  I watched
him prepare the fish prior to cooking over BBQ.

Maya Museum in front.

Mextreme - huge bowl of pozole.

Mike and John had fun together.  Poor
John is usually surrounded by women so
he enjoyed some guy time with his old friend.

Aboard the Jolly Roger.  A fun night with
Mike and Cheryl.  

Me and my pirate.

Isla Contoy - nature preserve.  Took boat
here with Lenore and we snorkeled on the way.

Don't worry, be happy.

Our friend Leon, he's a teacher and
tutor with a heart of gold.

 Playa Delfines - Dolphin Beach

La Playita - a little beach harp music

Amazing banyan tree with lazy
gecko just chillin

Lovely dinner at Captain's Cove
at sunset on the lagoon side.

La Isla, Lenore and me out for lunch at
Taco y Tequila.

A new discovery for me.  Sangrita - I love this
stuff and the bar gave me their recipe.  It is so good.
Non alcholic, but goes with Reposado tequila.

My daily (almost) routine to walk 2 miles up
and back to Starbucks (only cake once).

Flew over our beach most days

Casa Maya morning

These guys worked days fixing Temptations
pretty fronts.  This is topless resort.

Albino tortuga

Lenore & Gena

Beto's birthday, fun night


Gib and Cheryl, new friends
from Michigan

MUSA statutes on Kulkukan

Christmas decor in front of Case Maya

Nice catch, Puerto Morelos

Brrrr - Ice House, Isla Mujures