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Oslo, Norway 5/12 - 5/18/2017

Oslo, Norway 5/12 - 5/18/2017
I don't have the capability to even begin to describe this wondrous and amazing city that captured my imagination and heart. Filled with so many treasures. A perfect mixture of old and new and a place I could explore for many years.
One of the best parts was seeing my foreign exchange daughter, Gina, with her weeks old son. She reminded me that it had been 10 years since we'd seen each other and that was almost unbelievable. We had a lovely stroll in the botanical garden, coffee and one of the best pastries I've even had -- flavored with cardamom.
Green, lush, flowers, lovely trees so my eyes were filled with nature right in the middle of the hustle and bustle.
There is a perfectly balanced feel of old and new. Stunning architecture from olden days up the the bar code area that is next to the futuristic opera house.
I made new friends there from many places, Sweden, Poland, and Germany and this was one of the best parts of Oslo.
I was this time in a luxury condo overlooking the King of Norway's yacht, very uptown for my usual accommodations, but a great treat.
Food was very good and I had some very good meals, and some excellent gelato. I walked my legs off and the city was very walkable. One day I did take the Hop on as I wanted to see some important places on the outskirts.
Their City Hall was a treasure trove of art. The Stave church I saw was magnificent and I took so many picture of it.  It seemed to have an Asian architectural influence.  I went to several museums, both art and history, that we first class. There is public art and sculpture every where and this adds so much to the beauty of the city.
My week flew by here and I was very sad to leave. I had so much more I wanted to see. So, in my book Oslo is A+++++. I would highly recommend a visit if you are an art lover. A divine city.
Photos in random order. As always if you have any questions about a place let me know. Hope you enjoy.
Oslo, Norway
Arrived via the high timberline train. Found my Airbnb and, as stated on site, luxury. It was the most beautiful place I've stayed and it had a stunning view - looking down on the King of Norway's yacht. Entire area is newly built and all "up town" top of the line. It was fun to pretend I belonged there.
Norway, as the other northern European countries is expensive. It is very clean and there is a peacefulness to it.
I met with 3 ladies from an ex-pat meetup group for coffee and it was interesting talking with them especially about bringing up children. In Norway, you are not allowed to spank your child. If you were out in public or if a neighbor saw you give your child a whack, more than likely they would call the police and someone would come out and see you about it. They raise their children very gently and differently from the US. It was interesting too as the women I met were not from Norway so they had to learn this type of mothering.
Magnificent city, full of so many things to see, do. Great parks, gardens, and tons of museums. It would take 2 months of concerted effort to see everything Oslo has to offer. I walked a lot, got lost once and had to get a cab -- the street names just weren't on the buildings in my section. I walked so much that I got a real feel for quite a large area. Water all around and so many great photo opportunities. One of the cities I visited that was not 85% uphill and I liked that.  
I met some new people, 3 through Couch Surfing meet up (1 from Norway, 1 from Poland and 1 from Dubai living in Stockholm) and one in the Vining Sculpture Park (from Germany). A thrill also was to meet up with my former Foreign Exchange Student who lived with us for a few weeks in Boise. She is Norwegian and her name is Gina. She just had a baby so I got to meet her little guy. We spent an afternoon in the Botanical Garden and it was wonderful to see her.

My lovely German friend, Silke

View from my condo

Gina, my foreign exchange girl.  So good to see
her and her brand new baby.  What a joy.

Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art
Wild and very different museum

Nobel Peace Center

Visited with a Norwegian meetup group
Two ex-pats 

Train trip from Bergen to Oslo

Look at all the cranes, lots of building going on

City is filled with sculptures, public art.

Looking down from my Airbnb balcony

Fantastic opera house, very different.  People use
the roof for walking exercise, multi purpose.

They call this bar code city.

Entrance to Vigeland Park

This was one of the most moving places I've ever been.
The statutes show all phases of life and it was very moving.

Coffee time, nice to rest, have coffee and something like this.
Norway was not my top pastry country except for their 
cardamom rolls that I got to taste once and it was #1.

Stave Church

I just could not believe the detail and beauty.

Viking ship museum

I stayed in the new, trendy area.  This was
public art.  I was amazed, but it is Scandinavia

Carved murals at city hall

Their city hall was stunning with huge wall murals
that were so beautiful and detailed.

Museum of Cultural History

Many cultures had displays that were very interesting
This one surprised and delighted me

I walked along marina each day, saw this tiny car, so cute.

Couchsurfers I was able to get together with.  We
are seeing, Oslo, U.S. Poland and Sweden.  Great folks.

There was more, so much more. So glad I visited since I'm one-quarter Norwegian and I'm trying to see all "my" countries.  I'm Heinz 57  -- with Scots, Irish, Dutch, English, Welsh, Norwegian and German.   Now I only have Wales and the Netherlands left....................onward.