Friday, April 24, 2015

Carlsbad and Las Cruces NM - truly land of enchantment

I could never express how overwhelming and stunning Carlsbad Caverns were.  I'd wanted to go for years and I'm so happy we made it here.  Photos can't do it justice.


Carlsbad is a small town in an oil boom and it is sure hard to get dinner.  We had an hour wait.  Sat at the bar and met two great men Bob and Israel who we had good conversations with.

We only spent one day in the caves so went to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park.  A well done showcase of the different types of deserts.  We enjoyed seeing the roadrunners up close.  They mate for life and they had two pair.  They are fast...........zoom.  It was fun trying to take pictures of them.

 Speedy little guy
 Landed for a second

New Mexico has some pretty sky

Some desert flowers

Next day headed to Las Cruces, drove from New Mexico, some more of Texas and then back to New Mexico. Stopped along the way at the Guadalupe National Park where you can see Guadalupe Peak which is the highest point in Texas 8,749 feet. Visitor's Center was nice with good displays showing the area plants and animals.

Always nice sky during long drives.

Highest place in Texas

Happy to arrive in Las Cruces.  Great little town we've been to several times.  

4/22/15 - I am falling behind on my blogs - tired and time, so I'm going to try to speed this up.

We got to have lunch with great friends in Las Cruces and meet the new addition to their family, baby Jack.  He was such a cutie and a good baby.  You could see the love in the eyes of the parents and it was so neat to see this beautiful family.

Jack is so cute

Ring Museum, Las Cruces
Man owns 8,000 - 10,000 rings

Rings were so interesting and different - free

Branigan Cultural Center
Las Cruces

 Many thought provoking items that really made me reflect
on our society, truly worth a visit.

Outside Museum of Art

End of a busy day

I'll end this here with a nice sun rise taken on our way to Albuquerque.  More to come......................slow getting these done and falling behind, tired, busy every day and many bad connections so it has slowed me down.