Saturday, April 30, 2011

Before planned time

My poor little old 1989 Grand Am finally bit the dust.  What a great little car it was.  $1,300 about 3 years ago and got 35,000 miles out of it -- with just a little repair here and there.  It had roll up/down windows (yes, cars did have handles to roll windows) and doors that had to be locked with a key in the key hole.  I loved and will miss that little silver car.

I have a new beast now -- that has more buttons than I will ever use or even figure out.  I think they add too much stuff to car.  I'd like a more simple car with the basic conveniences, but not all the bells and whistles.  If they made a car like that it might even have a reasonable price.  That is probably why they don't make a car like that.  Or do people just want more and more and more?  How much is enough?  So we have our "retirement" traveling car and we're ready in that respect.

Had a visitor spend the night on her way from Santa Fe, NM.  Enjoyed our short visit and she played her guitar and sang three songs for us.  It was neat.

Got to help John today to finish chopping up our tree in front and get it into the trailer and to the dump.  Another part of the preparation for the trip -- getting the yard fixed up.