Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bahamas continued

John & Gena
Freeport, Grand Bahamas

12/2/12 - 12/7/12

Not much going on. It is quiet here and we're staying pretty close to “home”. Cabs cost a fortune, so not lots of running around. They do have a Monday shuttle to the grocery store. We went and restocked. Again, spent over $100 for the week.

Tuesday, we used our “time share presentation” (2 hrs. of listening to someone try to talk you into buying a time share here) gift – a choice of certain activities – and went on the glass bottom boat tour. It appeared to be calm water, but once we got out past the breakwater, to open water, it was rough. John wasn't feeling too hot, and I was OK up until the very end when I was starting to feel it.  It think this "bad stomach feeling" comes with age, because we were never bothered before.  Saw an old sunken 50 foot yacht, along with an old 200 foot cargo ship they purposefully sank for fish habitat.  It was in 100 feet of water and I really couldn't even see anything but a shadow. Saw and fed some fish. Boated around the marina and saw some million dollar homes.

Look at that sky
The Bahamas has the most unbelievable clouds
Thursday, went to Paradise Cove, about 45 minutes from our resort. I snorkeled there at Deadman's Reef, but really didn't see anything but some pretty ordinary fish. Others there saw some type of ray and a turtle. I was sad I didn't see the turtle. John read and had a Bahama Mama. After snorkeling not much to do, so we took their transportation back.

I snorkeled out to the reef

Thursday night we had a neat thunderstorm with lightening. I tried to take some pictures, but my camera isn't good enough to have fast shutter speed, so no success. Lightening knocked out lights out at the resort, but John had two flashlights so we were fine (my prepared Eagle Scout).   I was curious if it would be a day before they got the power back, but it was just about 20 minutes and the light came on. That made me happy.

Curtis and Shelby, Couch Surfers that I'd been communicating with on the Island, took us to Butler's Market Friday afternoon. It was great because we got out of the store without spending over $100.00 (unusual). We just replenished some stuff since we'd just been to the store on Monday, but it was fun to talk to people and see a new store.  We may go to a fish fry with them Saturday night. 

Besides the above, we've been reading (both have finished a book), hot tub, beach, naps, eating, walking on the beach. I think we're getting lazy.

We'll try to have some adventures to report next week. Who knows?  Signing off......