Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to You - Cathy & John - Aug 15, 2015

Oh gosh, what a fun party we had for Cathy and John.  So nice to be able to celebrate while we were in Boise.  I could not let John's 70th birthday go by without a party   We have celebrated so many Cathy and John parties together too

I made dinner and they each had their
own Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake

Since we have no room at our apartment and it is a "packing up" area only with no form or beauty, I rented out clubhouse.  It was a lovely venue and holds a decent amount of people.  We had brisket from Goodwood's that was delicious, rolls, 4 bean salad, cole slaw, watermelon, cantaloupe and a nice big and delicious Costco cake and ice cream  Melody Stachowicz brought some "cherry bombs" that were the hit of the party, yum and surprising how much vodka they held.

  Below are the photos that captured our lovely evening and fun celebration

Trip down memory lane

Naife and Robert

Jim and Derek

Shirley, Cathy and Marcia

Frida and her good friend

Jim, Mary and Melody

Kent and Tami

Sweet Knees and Steve

Derek and Cathy

Don, Regina, Chuck and John

Josh and Tasha

Magda, thanks for the cute picture cookies

Sweet Magda

Cake was delicious

The birthday kids

A pretty cake and they were not chintzy with the frosting.

I'm not sure what Cathy's expression says?

Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

 Happy cake eaters.  So glad Shirley and Steve could make it.

Couldn't have made it without Sherrie's help.  She just
buzzed around in the background organizing, cleaning.  Thanks
so much for your help Sherrie Lynn.

Our friends Robert and Naife

Miss Linda, had been to a wedding reception and so
glad she and Chris could stop by at least for cake. 

Mary, Jennifer and James
Great seeing these guys

I think a tiara suits Cathy

 Jim, Melody, Linda and Chris
So good to see our old friends

A special thanks to my friend Magda who took pictures at our photo booth We had to hustle some people over to get their pictures, but to me it was a total blast. Sure appreciate your help Magda. Here are the results of the fun photo shoot.................

Gena and John

Chuck and Regina

The girls had fun and tried on 10 different props
Lilly and Chloe

Sweet Knees and Steve

John, Chuck, Gena and Regina

Melody, Jim and Mary

Bill and Linda

Derek, Cathy and Jim

Gena and Sherrie

Robert and Cameron

Tami and Kent

Connie, Marcia and Sam

Cathy and Barbara

Shane and Jen

Robert and Naife

Josh and Tasha

 Jennifer and James

Linda and Chris

Thanks to all who were able to join us.  It was a fun time that I will always remember  I know Cathy and John had a really good time.