Sunday, June 21, 2015

Capitol Reef National Park

Never seem to tire of the red dirt.  When we drive in I always think is this going to be like Zion or Bryce Canyon, but every park has been distinctly different - each has its own great formations and views.

A jeweler in Jerome, AZ told us about Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab.  We were lucky and had time to go on a tour.  If you're an animal lover and in this area try to stop in for a free tour.  The place is amazing and animals could not get better care anywhere.

Wondered why the cats didn't turn and look at us when we came in.  A little rodent was out in front digging a hole so they were totally intrigued with that.  Each cat is taken out daily, either by leash, or if they won't walk on a leash, they get a ride in a stroller.

Sweet puffer clouds

They have horses and mules, pigs, so many critters.

Wild turkeys running around.

This spot is where the Lone Ranger's horse, Trigger, rears up and they say "Hi ho Silver, Away."  Kind of cool since I always watched that show as a kid and loved it.

Offices, where tours leave from and gift shop.

Interesting balance rock, looks like a lizard to me.

This was such a great mural on this building in Kanab.

You can't tell how huge these are from this picture.

How long will this be standing?

Many layers through time.  
The rock at the bottom is huge.

Could not believe our luck in seeing these animals 
up so close -- about 15 feet from our car. Thrilling.

Petroglyphs in this area

I took off for a "short" hike (sign said .9, was over 2 miles) uphill. Thought I'd be 30 minutes, but was back in 2 1/2 hours. Went to see a natural bridge. Tough hike, but I made it. Was given water by a nice nurse along the way. John was worried and two people came up looking for me - I was almost down by then. Quite a day.

Up, up, up

The natural bridge

Capitol Reef was a wonderful place to visit.  My hike challenging, very tiring., but it was cool to be able to do it.  An interesting day.