Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bryce Canyon - Unsurpassed Splendor

We got to play in the snow was crazy.   Such high altitudes.  We stopped at every turn out and even places that weren't turn outs.  There were hundreds of pictures to take.  This was the first time I ever got so tired just by getting in and out of the car.

Wonderful crowd free time to visit and it was cool -- and at the top very cold, very cold.  If I had to plan the trip through Bryce Canyon again, I'd stop at the Visitor's Center, then head up to the end of the road and start there.  I thought the most spectacular view was the first one, so I'd save it for last.

I'll again just share photos with short commentary - as a picture is worth a thousand words.

 These looked like white rocks where someone had
 splashed red brown paint on them.

Dripping paint look - so cool

Astounding formations

 This reminds me of a drip sand castle I made as a kid

 Quite overcast so the red rocks don't show as vibrantly
We had a trade off for cool weather and wildflowers

 Love these big clouds

This big area in the next nine pictures is called The Amphitheater.
All views are overwhelmingly beautiful.

 You can see the snow in the background on that mountain range.

 I walked on this trail for a short distance.  Would love to have gone further and down to the bottom but it was very 
steep so I opted for a little walk instead of a huge hike.

 How long will this stand?

Our little traveling companion - Geico the Gecko

We were cold!!!!!

Love the red/white contrast 

 Colder and colder, look at that elevation

You can see forever

Gonna take you higher.  We were huffing & puffing

 Snowball fight anyone?

Totally freezing up here

Late April

Lots of snow.  I walked to the vista point and by the
time I got back to the car my hands were frozen.

So surprising to me

I'll pass on the picnic - maybe August?

First time our car was in snow

Close Up - who is this?

Overwhelming vista

 Sun was shining nicely so I could capture the colors

Panorama - magnificent