Saturday, March 17, 2012

Funny differences

Thinking about our trip - pow wow in Co, to Las Vegas, NM and then on some road to Robert.  My goal is to not over plan each item.  Thinking about going from NM to Missouri and then thought about going to Oklahoma City to see the memorial garden for the federal building that was bombed by Timothy McVay.  My friend went to see the memorial and said it was wonderful and well done. 

Along the way, there are options, go through Kansas or OK.  Drive all the way to OK City in one day (about 8 hrs.) or take our time.  I started wondering about Amarillo, TX and saw that they have the "Cadillac Ranch" that I have seen on TV.  I thought it would be cool to see that and got excited.  I told John about it and he said, "Yeah, we could drive by it."  This cracked me up since it says a lot about our differences -- I would make it a destination and John would drive by and look at it.  Funny, funny.

I do suppose that if this trip is all up to me we won't make very good time stopping to see everything.  To me that is the fun of driving.  Guess we'll find middle ground, but I will see things that I think are important.