Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cocoa Beach, Florida

11/11/11 – 11/17/12

Giraffes - up close and personal

Feeding the birds.  Very fun.

Shoot the Curl, John
Last on a board in 1960's
He's still got it.
Pretty mellow time here. Hot tub every night. Some beach walking. John went fishing twice, once on the causeway pier and once at Jetty Park. At Jetty, we saw sea turtles and that the my highlight.

Of all the condos we've been to I like this one the most – maybe because we had 2 bedrooms and plenty of room? 3 TVs, good sized kitchen. Just felt comfortable.

On Friday we went to Brevard Zoo and had the best day ever. Fed the giraffes and birds. Wonderful zoo and a day that will stay with me forever.

Saturday night we walked along the beach, went to dinner on the pier, walked out on the pier and watched the fishermen and the surfers.

Sunday John got a haircut and I spent 2 ½ hours at the library doing paperwork. Lots of documents to print out (I miss my printer), copy (I miss my copier).

That's it from Cocoa Beach. Headed to Orlando early to go and visit some alligators.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Daytona  Week
11/4/12 - 11/10/12
Ocean front view
A rare treat
9 Hole Mini Golf at our condo
John and I tied, thank goodness
Marine Science Center
Great museum and they do turtle rescue
have an ICU and rehab
Inlet Harbor Restaurant
Pone de Leon, Florida
John saw his first manatee here
Pretty simple week.  All rooms at resort were ocean front, so we were thrilled to be able to see ocean so close.  Walked on the beach about every day, picked up lots of trash to save turtles and looked at shells, birds.  Went in hot tubs twice, but never went into ocean or outside pool since they were too cold.  Played a game of mini golf.
Drove around finding Wells Fargo Bank, Walmart, grocery store.  Always fun trying to locate things in strange towns.  We were on International Speedway  (IS) probably 50 times as it is the main bridge taking you from the island over to the mainland where most stores are.  IS is the street that has the Daytona Speedway down the road from the beach about 4 miles.  We got gas across the street form the track and there were 2-3 cars racing over there and it was LOUD.
We pretty much cooked in and took it easy.  We went to the Daytona Beach Pier and Boardwalk.  Fun to see the people fishing.  Got some salt water taffy (always necessary when at the beach).
We went to Ponce de Leon to see the lighthouse and visited the Marine Science Museum.  They has some great displays and aquariums.  Got to pet bat rays.  Learned more about turtles.  They have a rescue and rehab area there and have saved many turtles.  Had a nice lunch outside at the harbor.  John saw his first manatee.  I missed it.  Exciting.  We hope to go on a manatee tour of some type later.  They are gentle giants.
Found out the Museum of Arts and Science (MOAS) has laser shows once a month and we were lucky enough to be there on the right day.  Saturday night we went to see Laser Beatles.  It was fabulous - a great and intense light show.  It ended too soon.
Sunday we went to Applebees for Veteran free meal (so nice of them) and back to MOAS that also had free entry to veterans.  A small museum, but one of the best I have ever been to.  Had enough of many different things and has so interesting and well displayed.  We walked and walked around and we got totally exhausted - ouch feet, hips, back.  I remember days when I could spend all day long at a huge museum, now it is about a limit of 2 hours max and that still hurts.  Bummer!!!!!!
Now headed off to Cocoa Beach to see what new adventures are waiting for us.  As promised, this was short and hopefully sweet.