Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cancun - parties and Cherry's visit 3/16 - 3/192013

Saturday, beautiful day.  Up early and had to get Cherry up around 12:30 to see if she wanted to sleep or go see something.  We went to Mercado 28 to look around.  Had lunch at Restaurante Atotonilca and it was astounding food.  I actually bought a few things.  Came back to condo to rest for party tonight.

Best I've had

Henry and Margarita came to pick us up for Henry's birthday party.  We went to Jodie and Bob's house to grill food and then across the street where there is a nice patio area with a newly built pool.  We had lots of Canadians, 10 young folks from Columbia University that are renting from Henry during Spring Break, and just all kinds of fun people.  The hamburgers were outstanding and my satay chicken was a hit, there was shrimp and veggie tray, and we also had grilled nopales (cactus).  Margarita had a pinata for Henry, filled with candy - some of which was chocolates filled with tequila.  We all had so much fun trying to break the pinata.  Had a delicious carrot birthday cake and Henry blew out the candles.

Light the candle on my BD cake
I'm another year younger today
Filled with goodies
Five Star Pinata has a meaning
Ready for first strike
Hit it harder
Cherry gave it her all
I tried my best
Jodie trying her hardest
Finally candy flying
Great group of people and we made new friends.  A man named TJ and I talked quite a bit about food, he knows all the best places in Cancun.  He is going to take us for lunch on Monday.  He has a car so will pick us up and we will treat him to lunch.  Looking forward to that meal.

Big day, home around 12:00, was on computer a bit and then to bed and right to sleep.

Up at 8:00, H&M picked me up at 9:45.  Church sermon was good.  Met a couple from Missoula, Trevor was there. Back home and to lunch and bank and rest for party tonight.

Took cab to Dublin's Irish Pub.  Got there at 7:00 p.m. and they said they didn't open until 8:00.  We told them the security guard the other day told us 7:00 and that we had tried to call several times to make reservation.  They just started getting ready and set up tables.  Cherry, John and I sat awhile (parties in Cancun do not start early -- or on time).  Trevor arrived and happy to see him in his Tiger Tux.  We were the first to arrive at the pub and by 11:00 p.m. the place was packed.  So glad we were put on the patio.  Inside was small - shrieking bagpipes, then a live band.

Such a cool t-shirt
Next came Perla, my CS friend I met several years ago, and her boyfriend Mario.  We just had so much fun talking and talking.  Margarita's friend, Gina, came next and we were so glad to meet her.  A really fun and nice person.  Dear Omar and his Lisbeth arrived and it was so great to see him and to meet Lisbeth for the first time.  Last and later since he had been working in Playa del Carmen was Salvano.  A nice and interesting guy who works for a company in Iceland and he has lived there and also in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Nice visiting with him.  We had some delicious steak fries with blue cheese dressing and ordered two pepperoni and mushroom pizzas.  Visiting, drinking and having fun.  We left the party a little after 12:30 a.m.
A green glow emanating from the
Dublin's Irish Pub
Only Irish pub in Cancun
So fun for St. Patrick's Day
L-R - Omar, Perla, Cherry, Gena
John, Trevor, Gina and Lisbeth
L-R Lisbeth, Omar, Silvano, Mario

TJ came to get us at 1:45 for lunch and drove us to Va q Va, a local restaurant that serves seafood.  We all had shrimp with various preparation - coconut, garlic, in a cheese dip with tortillas and Mexicana (red sauce w/jalapenos).  What delicious food, huge and interesting place packed during lunch.  Had a mariachi group with the marimbas that you just don't see anymore, so the music was so enjoyable.

Hot bubbling cheese with shrimp
Garlic shrimp
I also had a beer drink called micheladas.  Odd to say the very least - said to be a cure for a hang over, but I'd pass on drinking if I had to cure it with this drink.  Thanks for taking us to such a great place.
Micheladas w/shrimp skewer
See spiced rim
Home after lunch and then Cherry and I took off because I wanted her to see Parque de las Palapas.  Walked around and went into the church there, Viva Christo Rey, which is beautiful.
Cristo Rey
We then walked around the park and my best churro man was making fresh, hot treats that I love.  I got Cherry and me each a bag (we should have shared).  I have got to stop eating these.
Turn the handle dough comes out
Churros coming out of tube
Plantains, french fries, and churros
All deep fried treats

Tuesday, up to call cab at 3:00 a.m. to take Cherry to the airport.  Hopefully she will sleep on the plane.  We called cabbie Gabriel, but I had to walk out to Plaza de los Artes at 3:00 a.m. and wait for him to show him exactly where we live.   John and I did not sleep well waiting to get up at 2:00 a.m. so after Cherry left we checked our computers awhile and then went back to bed.  I just got up at 11:00 a.m.
We enjoyed our visit with her so much and it was fun to be able to show her a more real Mexico than the hotel zone.  She did prefer this area of Cancun which made us happy.
So I'm washing the sheets, and will clean the house, and do a little shopping to get ready for Robert and Cathy.  We also need to get more phone minutes.  I never would have imagined I would run out of minutes here, but that is a good thing.
Now we are waiting, waiting, waiting until tomorrow.  Saludos y bien dia.


** Very interesting history of the pinata, I was fascinated.  Check it out if interested:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi%C3%B1ata