Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today was a floating day -- that was only after we arrived.  Up pretty early for us, 9:30 and out the door at 10:30.  We are just terrible about getting going.  We drove to Horseshoe Bend for breakfast.  I'm on my "sensible eating plan" and had 2 eggs and bacon (sides) no fried potatoes or biscuit ordered.  So my food arrives and they had to be nice to me and give me a biscuit.  I look at that thing and wanted to throw it out the door, but nicely put it on John's plate.  I was sort of funny, trying to be good and they wanted to be nice and give me a biscuit.

Driving to Crouch, stopped to fish a little.  Very scenic area.  John had no bites, but it was a nice little break from driving.

Well, then off up the road to Crouch, got lost a bit and turned into Terrace Lakes Resort so ask for directions.  They laughed at our "mapquest" directions and said they had another couple in this week who had the same ones.  Those directions took you on some fire road and were crazy.  The folks at Terrace Lakes gave us straightforward directions and we were on our way.

Arrived, via gravel road and many times of telling John to slow down.  Got into the Silver Creek Plunge and just relaxed.  We each had two inner tubes, one for the head and one for the feet.  We floated for an hour, got out and had a little lunch.  John had a funny beer (ale) called "Kilt Lifter" -- quite a name.  We had no bottle opener and haven't needed one in 20 years.  He got pliers from our truck and managed to get the bottle opened.  Back in the hot pool for another hour soak and then hitting the road around 5:30 p.m.

Down the mountain after a wonderful and tiring day.  We had a coupon for Sizzler, so stopped and had a nice dinner and I stuck to my sensible eating plan.  A wonderful, relaxing day spent in the Idaho mountains.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Before planned time

My poor little old 1989 Grand Am finally bit the dust.  What a great little car it was.  $1,300 about 3 years ago and got 35,000 miles out of it -- with just a little repair here and there.  It had roll up/down windows (yes, cars did have handles to roll windows) and doors that had to be locked with a key in the key hole.  I loved and will miss that little silver car.

I have a new beast now -- that has more buttons than I will ever use or even figure out.  I think they add too much stuff to car.  I'd like a more simple car with the basic conveniences, but not all the bells and whistles.  If they made a car like that it might even have a reasonable price.  That is probably why they don't make a car like that.  Or do people just want more and more and more?  How much is enough?  So we have our "retirement" traveling car and we're ready in that respect.

Had a visitor spend the night on her way from Santa Fe, NM.  Enjoyed our short visit and she played her guitar and sang three songs for us.  It was neat.

Got to help John today to finish chopping up our tree in front and get it into the trailer and to the dump.  Another part of the preparation for the trip -- getting the yard fixed up.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Reflections on Galveston, TX and our Carvinal Cruise

We left Boise on April 9th for Galveston, TX.  We took a 5-day cruise in the Caribbean and hit the port of Progresso and took a SHORT day trip into Merida and saw some beautiful historical buildings in the center of town.  Temperature was around 100 degrees, so no running around.  Had a wonderful lunch of  Cochinita Pibil (Yucatan style pork) that was so delicious and John had his beloved mole.  I found a recipe for Cochinita and will make it sometime for a party.  You use banana leaves.  It is beyond good.

Second stop on Cozumel Island.  We've been there several times, so we just took a cab and spent the day at the beach.  I went snorkeling and John bathed in the sun.  We had a "few" drinks.  Drinks on the ship were so expensive, we passed them up.

Met neat people on the ship -- had a perfect group at our table.  Enjoyed the evening shows. Didn't even enter the casino.  Pool and hot tubs were way too crowded for us, so we did not even get wet.  Pretty smooth cruise, but it did take me a few days to get my land legs back.  I think cruising is OK and we might go to AK on a ship, but I don't think it is my way to travel.  Glad we went though and wouldn't have missed the experience.

Galveston was the best.  If you love architecture this is the place to be.  I took so many pictures of the homes there.  They have Victorian, brick, and other styles that I do not even know what it is called.  Very eclectic town.   San Francisco does not hold a candle to what is in Galveston.  When you think they just had the huge hurricane in 2008, they have made great progress in getting things back.  Many older structures are lost forever.  I wish I was rich so I could buy one of the pretty ruined homes and bring it back.  Those renovations cost a fortune.  Wonderful, wonderful city and I'm so glad we spent several days there.

In my blogs I'm pretty sure I should have a lot to say about food -- John says I travel on my stomach.  New foods tried:  fried alligator (tasted like chicken) and muffelato sandwich (originated in New Orleans).

New friends:  Lorraine and Daryl from Tx (originally from Alberta, CN) - were at our table on the ship.  We had dinner with them in Galveston after we got off the ship.
Melinda - native Texan who I met on CS and we had lunch with her twice.

So the trip was a great success.  We stayed healthy, had fun, gained weight, saw great sights, and made new friends.  Who could ask for more!!!!!

The beginning.......preparation is key

While on our last day of vacation in Galveston, TX (4/20/11), John (DH) and I were talking about our upcoming retirement.  John has been retired for several years now, so we're hoping to get me retired soon so we can enjoy our days together.  Let's hope Obama doesn't mess up anymore things so that I will have to work until I'm 102.  WARNING:  There will be anti-Obama comments throughout this blog, so if it offends you -- tough.  

We know that we are going to travel the entire United States (maybe not AK or HI), but on a budget.  What are we going to do daily to keep entertained, beach, park, library, walks -- since we won't have money to do every tourist attraction available.  John suggested I start a blog since I like to think, dream and eat travel  -- and I thought that was a great idea. 

In this blog, I will write about getting ready to retire which involves many things.  Great planning is necessary.  We have to downsize -- this means getting rid of many years worth of junk and treasures alike.  We've had some good success with Craig's List - and being free has been wonderful. 

We want to sell our house (so happy the market is screwed!!!) and have been trying to get our house in good shape.  We have so many projects and so little energy it is hard, but little by little we are making headway.  We will pack the small amount of possessions that we need/want to keep and get those into storage.  I'm a pack rat -- John is too -- so this is hard.  It is also hard to determine what is a need and want.  So many crazy things seem to have a sentimental value to us.  We are facing many hard days ahead sorting.

Just thought this would be fun write about our preparations for our grand trip and then continue once we hit the road and start our seeing America adventures.