Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spectacular August

August in Boise has been a total ball. I have seen so many friends, lunched, partied, visited with. We've done lots of cool stuff and something I realized is that I've never been retired in Boise. When we were here before I was still working, so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that it was been spectacular.
I'm just putting photos in and I'll have a sentence or two.

40th wedding anniversary
I took our original wedding glasses

I got John a dozen yellow roses

 Pretty sun highlighted bark

 Went to a surprise going away party for Jen

Always exciting waiting for the guest of honor to arrive

Jen was truly surprised, how fun.
Snake River in the background - Marsing

Hot day, kids and water balloons, some of the kids are big.

Jen and Sherrie, Robert's Godmother

Looking out at the Snake River

So beautiful

Lizard Butte - no question on its name

Historical market

Cute duck in park

Lovely view from Lizard Butte Road down on Marsing, ID

Some fires were yucking up the air quality

They hold Easter Sunrise services at Lizard Butte.

Gotta have a flower picture

More bark.  Forgot to take a picture of Connie.  We
went to MK Nature Center and had lunch.

 Our truck driver friend, Rudy, who John 
has know since 1964, stopped by.

Rudy's dog, Little Monte, he's a bundle of joy.  Goes
in the truck with Rudy and is a great companion.

Met with Kay and Cathy to look at Eyes of the World store that was amazing.  Kay and I had coffee (sorry no picture) and pastry, always good.  

Dinner with Mary and Cathy and tried new Peruvian restaurant Lima Limon in Kuna.  It was amazing.  I'm a fan of that cuisine now.

Mary - what you going to have?

An amazing night was spent with our friends in Council, Idaho.  They own 200 acres up in the mountains.  They actually had us park our car and came and picked us up down below for a ride of a lifetime up the road.  We got to go with them on an ATV/golf cart ride to see some of their land and the Weiser River that runs through it.  They grilled T-bones for us and Deb made hand-picked huckleberry pancakes.  How spoiled we felt.  We stayed up very late talking, and maybe more than a few glasses of wine.  Time flew by and it was just great to visit with our old friends.  We had not seen them in probably over 15 years.

The wild life sanctuary

Deb's deer are safe on her property, along with turkeys
and all animals.  They have rescued over 15 cats.

Deb drove me in golf cart for partial tour of property
Grand tour - with wine
She was my first friend in Boise when we worked at a law firm together

Robert took John on the 4-wheeler for his tour

Quick storm came up.

Chuck and Regina took us for a nice lunch at Chuck-A-Rama.  We ate lots 
and had a great visit.  Thanks for lunch you guys.

Lunch with my friend Jacquie on the last day of the month.  It was hard to get together but we finally accomplished it.  We had a nice time catching up.

So the month draws to a close with lots of real work in finishing packing boxes.  Seems weird we have so much in this apartment that we have to pack.  We've had a devil of a time trying to get an apartment arranged in Clearwater, but that is now done.  I know that I am taking too much stuff back, but I will have to once again downsize when I figure out what will/will not fit.

So off to Hawaii and when we get back we are hitting the ground running.  We get back October 4th, get our moving truck on October 5th, moving guys come to pack truck, and we get on the road for our drive home  We will not have a fun 7 week trip like we did when we returned to Idaho in May.  It will be drive, drive and drive.  We will stop for 2 nights in Tucson to see our friends and the rest will be drive, eat, sleep

Good times were had in the totally insane month of August.  I had to do separate blogs: John and Cathy's birthday party; our trip to North Idaho and Montana and one on gourds.  So if you missed any of our crazy month of August you can check those out.. I must say that was a busy month.

Off to hula......................