Thursday, April 13, 2017

Feb - March 31, 2017

Such fun during the last few months.  Lots of car shows, food, fun with Just Having Fun and my friends.  New walks, new art (murals in St. Pete and Frida at the Dali).  I've been trying to not take so many photographs, sometimes I'm more successful.  I guess I just can't resist when I see pretty or interesting things.

So I'll take you along on my photographic journey over the last few months and hope you enjoy it.  I think I'll just put random order photos on here just for the heck of it.

Gasparilla 5K, Tampa, FL

Tarpon Springs, Beach Concert

Fun at Clearwater Beach

Nature up close

Cool shark slide, Clearwater Beach

These guys were decked out for Gasparilla Run

Had to get a picture of this lady

Just Having Fun, Japanese Steakhouse

Quite a feast cooked in front of us

Clearwater Beach, cool turtle

My sweet salad with raspberry vinaigrette


Baking my first real King Cake for Mardi Gras
Parade with Just Having Fun

Pretty and it even tasted good.

First bike ride in years and years

Sunset Beach, Tarpon Springs

Sunset at Tarpon Springs
Beach Concert

Fun to have a beach bonfire at the concert

Safety Harbor Market

At my apartment small pond with the
little gator, I named her Alleygator

Close up

Wall Spring Park morning walk.
We are so blessed with great parks in the area.

Dunedin Mardi Gras Parade w/JHF

Alley in Dunedin - mural

Amazing dog mural, this is a portion.  It has hundreds
of dogs, all breeds, very cool.

Mardi Gas Parade - Dunedin with

Now that's a lot of beads.  Cutest girl ever.  The beads
were so heavy she could barely walk.

Jewelry class for JHF in the park
Thanks Sue

Nice to sit on instead of cement.

Great guy, St. Patrick's Day, Dunedin

Rascal Flatts at Strawberry Festival.
Thanks Sue for the invite.  Had a great time.

Watching concert w/a full moon

St. Patrick's Day in Dunedin.  It was
mega crowded, but fun.

A little leprechaun

Fun to act goofy

A first, walked 3 miles with Vicky and Sue
on the Courtney Campbell Causeway.  John picked us
up and then we had lunch.....had to have lunch.

Pet sat Lulu - a Golden Doodle, 8 months old.

This is Pluto, pet sat with Lulu

Loved my day at Dali Museum and the
Frida Kahlo exhibition with JHF

Out by The Villages where we pet sat for
about 10 days, saw many new things in the area.

John patiently waiting while Wendy and
I looked around this great store.

Wendy and Gary at the car show.  His Corvette
won best engine and he was happy

Walked two miles on day at this park

Some really nice clouds up in this area.

Safety Harbor, floating pelicans

Tarpon Springs Beach concert II, 

Couchsurfing get together at Whiskey
Joe's.  Met some new folks.

Tampa Bay, Whiskey Joe's sunset

Full moon

Happy face, what's in that cup?

Dinner cruise, finally took our December cruise that
we had to cancel because John had a bad foot.

It was a nice sunset

Clearwater Beach tourist pirate ship, haven't been on this.  

Sue taught me how to make a cool bracelet

Outside the Dali Museum.  A beautiful building
and setting.  St. Pete is a great city.

Fun reflection photo

I love this by Dali

This picture made me appreciate Dali.  It made
me realize that he really could paint.

I so wanted to see this exhibition.

After Frida at Dali Museum, nice lunch at St. Pete
Airport.  Fun to watch the planes.

I had to go back, I'm not a fast museum person.  I
take at least twice as long as others.

Dali Museum grounds

Courtney Cox walkers

Now this is a taco salad.

We drove the back roads to The Villages and stumbled
upon this place with several cool old cars.

On our drive we came across an interesting
small park that we enjoyed.

He even followed me to a Mexican Restaurant


The Villages is known for its souped up golf cards
(among other things)

Our friends Gary and Wendy were in a Chevy only car
show so we went over for the day.

Gator skin on wall in a restaurant.

We had Mexican food twice up by The Villages
Best places we've found in FL.

In The Villages, they have 3 town squares that are fun with
music, can get drinks, dance, restaurants, and golf carts everywhere.

We took a short boat ride around the lake
and learned the history of Sumter Lake.

Relaxing stroll on the dock.

Sumter Town Square, we got a drink
and listened to the band that was very good.

Something about this place tells me this
sign comes as no surprise.

Wendy and Gary with us on our boat ride.

Our little Snow Angels we pet sat.  They
were so cute and we enjoyed them so much.

Just Having Fun - Photo Scavenger Hunt, beautiful day
and lots of fun.  One of my favorite things to do - take pictures.

Lunch after Scavenger Hunt

Must have been car show month.  Went to Quaker Steak and Lube
for a small car show.  They had some really nice cars and we had a great lunch too.

This was the Purple Lady and her car

Probably more stuff, but this will have to do.  A busy time, filled with friends -- old and new --, food and lots of cars.  Also some super dogs!!!