Sunday, April 10, 2016

Oh Savannah - my favorite city in the USA

We just spent 5 days in Savannah.  It was our third trip.  Nice that we are only six hours away now.  I like that the drivers are very courteous, the people super friendly and I just plain love this city.  I was walking around Forsyth Park on my fourth day there and gave deep thought to how much I loved this city and decided that of all the places in the US that I have seen, this one just wins my heart and is Number 1.  If you ever need a place to go I can recommend this city without hesitation.

The huge Forsyth Park, which we were across the street from at our B&B, is perfect.  It covers one mile when you walk around it and contains 30 acres and was laid out first around 1840.  Hundreds of people use it every day, the sidewalks are busy with bikers, runners, walkers - w/dogs and dogless.  Sports are played, bocce, Frisbee, ball games.  There was music being played, picnics and naps.  A very great green space for all to enjoy.

Our B&B, The Confederate House, built in 1850.  It has quite a history.  
I loved that the park was right across the street.

John had to pull me up into this high bed.

 Sitting area outside of our room

Doors were 12 feet tall

Lovely breakfast every morning at 9:00 a.m.

Forsyth Park and magnificent fountain.

Lots of flowers were in full bloom.

My daily walk was a treat.

A quick  20 minutes away is Tybee Island.  A fun destination with tourist traps, fun pier to walk out on and watch people, a long beach that has life guards and the historic Tybee Island Lighthouse and Battery.  We spent an entire day on the island and finished it off with dinner at popular restaurant on the river.

Me and my pirate

I'm not sure what kind of questions they answer here.

First time we had "Wet Willie" drinks.  I thought they were just slushies.

The island was full of pirates

Since I'm getting in shape I decided that the lighthouse had to be tackled and I made it -- with quite a few stops.  It was 178 steps, whew.  Notre Dame, which I intend to climb in 400, so I just hope I can make that.

178 of these, huff, puff

My selfie, so funny.

There I am at the top.

Fun restuarant Lazaretto Creek.

Just toss the crab shells into the trash can

Two pounds of crab legs.  I thought I'd need more but this did fill me.
Loved this place and every bite of my crab was yummers.

There are at least 3 dining areas here.  Big operation.

Back patio, so pretty.  Right on the creek.

Marina by restaurant right on the creek.

After dinner fun - you know I will always take those kooky pictures.

...and have to talk John into it.  He always says NO.

You can feed alligators there.  

We had art and culture too.  Savannah has something for everyone.  We visited the Telfair Museum and the Jeppson Center.  Very different art - old and modern.  Such fun and beautiful galleries.

Belle of 1810, Walter Macewen

 Dutch lace makers

Early Spring in Holland, George Hitchcock

 Jeppson Center

Bird Girl, made famous due to the book "Midnight in the
Garden of Good and Evil" of which a movie was made.
You can also tour the house that is featured in the book.

I love the museum architecture and use of light as much as
I enjoyed the art work.  They did have some types of art we
had never seen before.  Very intriguing museum.

Sculpture outside.  Note the gold domed City Hall in the background.

This collage is made entirely of lottery tickets.  

View down to first floor.

Sleek, clean, beautiful light on second floor.

Out and about in the city

Liked this brick in an alley.

Down at City Market

Restaurant where Jenny worked in the movie Forrest Gump

There are 24 squares (mini parks) in
Savannah.  Each one is unique and fun to visit.

Lutheran Church of Ascension
We saw the inside on our last trip.

Fancy work on home

Wonderful ironwork fences and gates.

I can't imagine if these homes had been torn down.  America
would have lost a true treasure - a crown jewel.

Lunch at a crazy bar, they have at least 15 TV for playing video games, 
and tons of board games.  John and I played Crimes Against Humanity - 
I'd been told about it.  Some cards will make you need to take a deep breath 
and are pretty shocking, some are hysterical.  Had a tasty lunch and great 
concept for a bar - very specialized for gamers.

The Chromatic Dragon

Wires, wires for all the TVs - at least 15

And lastly, Thursday night I walked over the the park to watch the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event.   Good cause event and the men seemed challenged to walk even a bit, but were good sports.

This guy arrived in his heels.

Over 50% of the men seemed to be in law enforcement.  DEA, police, detectives.  Many had their firearms on and it was very odd to see an armed man in heels.

Lots of big women's shoes to pick from.

This guy was smart and picked a wedge.

This guy is holding onto a light post.

Little gold pumps.

...and they are off.  One mile walk around Forsyth Park.

You can see from this blog that Savannah has something for everyone. I did not even mention the street down at the river and all there is to do there. The food is wonderful with lots of choices and some top restaurants in the United States. We're not real night life people, but there is plenty of that too. The Ghost Tour..........on and on the list goes. As I said, this was our third time and I'm ready to go back.  I highly recommend this city and know that you can have the time of your life.