Monday, April 15, 2013

Restarting - very s l o w l y

Monday up at 6:30 a.m., like old folks day with VA and dentist.  Robert actually got up and went with us.  John went to get his blood checked, improvements, but need to get blood pressure up, but INR was good, and platelets still a little low.  Doctor prescribed daily multivitamin with iron.  Heart doctor said John was a candidate for a pace maker and that we should check with our cardiologist.  With John's defibrillator needing a new battery this would be a good time to change over.  So we decided that next week we will start heading back to Idaho.  John can check in with VA and see what they have to say.  I went to dentist with a occasionally painful tooth and got that taken care of - one tooth, no insurance $250, yikes.  My dentist, who was so cool, is an Elvis impersonator.  He was a great dentist and wish he was in Boise.  Back to room, naps for everyone.  Made dinner, TV and bed.  We'll sleep in tomorrow and try to perk up.  John is gaining a bit of energy each day.

Dr. Grosso, cool dentist
Does Elvis for charity

Ho hum day.  John and I went to the grocery store, picked up DVD Flight, got my prescription for antibiotic for tooth problem.  John and Robert took a drive to the Flea Market to get a belt that John had seen last time we were there.  The booth had moved and John got tired, so they came back empty handed.   Later in the day I went in the pool and hot tub and stayed out awhile and read.  Dinner, movie.

Wednesday, I pretty much hung around room and rested, slept.  John and Robert went to the pool and hot tub for a little while.  Just a calm, restful day.

Pool that one can walk right into

Thursday, the three of us went to the flea market and bought John a belt he needed.  He was so tired that he sat in the car most of the time.  We then went to lunch at Steak and Shake.  They have "happy hour" 2-4 p.m. with 1/2 price shakes (something John can have).  We had burgers and shakes.  John has been 99.99% salt free, so he got the littlest burger, fries no salt, and enjoyed it.  Stopped by Walmart and got some drinks and a movie "Chasing Mavericks" a good movie about surfing the big wave.  Back to the room, John nap, made his dinner, and then Robert and I went to Pizza Hut.  My first bite tasted so salty, I was shocked.  Movie and bed.

Friday, up late, computer and breakfast.  I gave John a haircut.  We had lunch and then John and I went to the pool for a little while.  Robert wanted to sleep in.  John seems to have turned a corner today with starting to have some energy and feel better.  I'm so happy to see this spark.  Made dinner for John and Robert and I went out to Golden Corral for a hearty dinner and then we went to play miniature golf.  We wish John could have gone, but it was hot out and very humid and the course had lots of hills and lots of stairs.  We played the Prospector course that John would have liked.  The other course was called the Nugget.  I told Robert I was going to beat him and by gosh I slaughtered him.  I take mini golf seriously, plus this about the only thing I can beat him at anymore.  We had lots of fun together and it was a nice evening.

I love Golden Corral and
my yummy cotton candy

Robert looks tough here,
but I beat him to a pulp

Saturday, our last day in this area.  I'm so sad to leave, but know the horrid weather/humidity/bugs are coming.  We got up early and headed to the Lakeridge Winery, a favorite place of mine in this area.  They are having music at the winery today so I thought it would be nice to go up for a little awhile.  Robert and I took the winery tour and John sat in the cool store and waited for us.  Interesting about the muscadine grapes that I love the flavor of so much.  I went and got our folding chairs and we put John in the shade and Robert and I went to the tasting.  We tasted 10 wines and they were so good (Robert doesn't like wine, so suffered through).  We bought 2 bottles of the muscadine grape juice that is so delicious, but no wine since we're leaving tomorrow and we don't want to have to deal with bottles on our trip home.  Robert had lunch at the winery and John and Robert had an ice cream cones.  We had our free picture taken.

Jazz at the Winery
A fun day

After winery, we drove over to the Yalhala Bakery, a German bakery, and John and I had turkey sandwiches that were delicious.  I took a few cookies and a pastry to go.

Nice lunch at the bakery

We drove home and were so tired John and I had a 2 hour nap.  Got up at 6:30 p.m. and I took Robert over to Old Town to see the vintage cars, but especially to ride the go-karts.  They have four separate tracks -- one that they water down -- and Robert really wanted to drive those fun cars.  We paid for his pass to ride as long as he wanted to and he got his money's worth and had a good time, but said he wished his Dad could have been there, or some friend, to compete with.  I wasn't about to drive one of those cars around for a few hours.  I shopped in my favorite store there, The Black Market, and got two refrigerator magnets.  Also bought John a present.  Wasn't sure if he'd like it or not, but I finally figured he would crack up.  It is a moose in a tropical shirt holding a margarita in a glass, asking "Got Salt".... funny/not -- John did crack up so I guess OK.  I should try living without salt for a day.  I don't think I'd make it.  Robert finished driving and came to get me and wanted to go in The Black Market.  He bought a fantastic and very scary mask that is so cool.  We just laughed at how funny he looked in it.  Came back, made Robert a few pork chops and rice.  He took it to his room next door.  John went to bed and I watched a little TV and finished working on this blog.

Four separate tracks

Go-karts - Ready to go
Unlimited pass - fun for Robert
Cool mask Robert bought
at Old Town, Kissimmee, Florida
We will head for Tallahassee tomorrow and spend one night.  I fell in love with winter Florida, enjoyed all the friends we made, and will never forget our special time here.  Just a few blogs to do before we will be home in Boise -- the end of our trip -- and with a hope that we can get John in good, stronger shape and do some more fun adventures out in this big old world and make new friends in our travels.  We've been so blessed.

Up early, packed up, cleaned up and hit the road.  About a four hour drive.  Along the way we have to stop at least every hour for John to stretch his legs.  I drove and pulled out at a citrus stand.  I wanted to see if they happened to have any Georgia peaches.  John likes peaches and at some stands they have them.  Looked around, took a few pictures and looked over to the side and a guy was holding an alligator.  I went over and said, "Oh, I have to take a picture," and he said, "No, you have to hold it."  I think the gator was at least 3 feet long and his mouth was taped.  He was very strong and it was a little scary.  A girl standing there took my picture, so that was an exciting rest stop.  Also got photo of orange juice squeezing machine that was interesting.

Amazing holding an alligator
Heavy and strong
Making orange juice
conveyor belt for skin after squeezed
All squeezed out
Headed out, stops and then we stopped for lunch at my favorite place that I discovered when we went to Tallahassee to see Maria.  Had a great breakfast, hit the road again and it started sprinkling light.  By the time we got about 10 miles out of Tallahassee the rain was coming down so hard that if it was one tiny bit harder I would not have been able to see the road.  Road was flooded and I would barely see the white line and wipers going full blast.  That 10 mile drive was probably my second most scary driving experience in my life.  I was so glad when we got to the motel.  We waited until rain stopped (about 2 hours) to unload the car.  Robert and John made a run to Subway and we had good sandwiches in our room.  Set alarm for 7:30 a.m. and we'll eat at motel and hit the road early so if there is rain we won't be driving in the middle of it.