Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Boston - One if by land, Two if by sea

Drove out of NYC and felt a little sad.  I think it is a great city and we had the best time, exhausting, but excellent.  Never ran into grouches or rude people.  A bustling, line standing, waiting place that people seem to love.  I'd go back in a heartbeat, just need rest first.  We got burned out walking.

Tuesday, May 27th, we stopped at the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford, on our way to Boston.  This is one of the most beautiful capitols I have seen and it was huge.  I could have spent a week taking pictures of this beauty.

Beautiful High Victorian Gothic
Stunning white marble fill the inside
Opened 1878

The floors were amazing

Looking upward at the dome

Finally got to Boston around 8:00 p.m. Had a flood alert here, but we were on the 5th floor so figured we'd be OK. Up early to rain. I let John sleep in about 1 1/2 hours, why get out in the cold/rain. Finally took shuttle to metro train at 11:00 a.m. and we did just about everything possible. Had the best food and pastry. We were on the go until 7:00 p.m. and we could barely walk.

Rainy, cold and howling rain

Faneuil Hall was the marketplace and meeting place from1742. It is still a marketplace with unbelievable foods. If you can't find what you want to eat here it doesn't exist.

Hundreds of beautiful food stalls
Every food under the sun

Outside Union Oyster House - oldest
restaurant in the U.S.  
Best clam chowder I've ever eaten.

Little Italy

Paul Revere Monument

Old Church Tower

Family church pew that belonged 
to George Washington

Old North Church
One if by land, two if by sea

Of course we saw the capitol of Massachusetts, it is the reason we came to Boston. Another wonderful capitol building.


On our way back to the hotel we stopped at Radio Shack to get a thumb drive so I could unload my camera that was full. I have taken over 1,600 pictures in May and it isn't over yet. Do you want to come over and see our vacation pictures?  If so bring your sleeping bag.

Our day in Boston was intense and I think we walked here in one day more than in any other city. We are glad that all the big cities are finished. We loved DC, Philadelphia, NYC and Boston and are so glad we saw them. I think we did each city justice and we did walk our legs off. Highly recommend the places we saw and I'm glad we didn't wait any longer. It really takes stamina.