Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Week In Rochester, NY in the Fall

What a great city, I thoroughly enjoyed Rochester, NY.  I went with my friend Kathie who is a native.  She took me every place and shared her friends.  I had such a great time.  It is very beautiful there and I'd say we hit the leaves turning at the right time.

Something funny, and to me a highlight, was waking up to snow the first morning we were there.  Kathie has warned me that it could be cold, and there could be snow, and we sort of laughed....and there it was.  I did enjoy all the brisk, cool air as I don't like breathing humidity as required in Florida.

Even arrival at the airport was great.  I don't think I've ever been to such a fun terminal.  We spent a good 20 minutes walking around and taking pictures.  Cool place.

Clock of Nations

Clever recycle bin.

Among all the new and interesting things I found here was the way they pronounce the names of their cities.  If you think you know how to say the name of a town, you don't.  It got to be a joke as we drove around and I'd say the town name, Kathie, would chuckle, and say it the "right" way.  I don't know who influenced the way you say the names (French, Indian, Quaker), but it was quite interesting.

We visited Susan B. Anthony's home, saw the cemetery where she is buried, along with Frederick Douglas plot.  Seems many famous people called Rochester home.  We took a tour of the Eastman Mansion/Museum.  We took many long drives in the country and enjoyed all the scenery.  Got to climb to the top of a lighthouse on the Genesee River/Lake Ontario which was my first non-ocean lighthouse.  

Home of Susan B Anthony

Susan and Frederick were friends.

No trip to Rochester could be complete with out a visit to High Falls. This is the Genesee River running right through Rochester. The area was filled with flour mills and industry. The river provided power back in the old days as it still does.

Old days of industry down by the River

This was an amazing site.  Such power was 
coming off that waterfall.

I loved this area, thinking about the old days of industry.

Genesee brewery was founded in 1878.

Walked across the river on the bridge over
to the brewery.  I know I have to try this beer.
This was a bit of a gray rainy day.

Never had a "flight" before, guess it is time.

Had the four lightest beers, I don't like strong beer.

Cheers, salud, prost .......

While here we had to go to George Eastman Museum, the first museum dedicated to photography.  Eastman was the founder of Eastman Kodak that developed easy to use cameras (most of us had a Brownie camera) and the world of photography was never the same.  He became a multi-millionaire and was a life long bachelor.

Built in 1905
35,000 sq. ft., 50 room Colonial Revival
National Historic Landmark 1966

Current exhibit was photos from the inside
of Elizabeth Taylor's home

Focus 45: Mexico and the Photographic Imagination. One of the oldest photographs in the museum's collection was made in Mexico in 1839. Photos showing the history of photography through photographs made in Mexico.

Rare old photo taken at Chichen Itza

George Eastman 

He was an avid hunter as were many of 
the wealthy in those days.

A lovely garden, not at its peak in October of course.

Lucky me that two of my friends live in Rochester, so I got to visit with them.  I spent the day Susan, who I met in 2nd grade.  We were in the Brownies together and blood sisters.  We've stayed in contact over the years, but I had not seen her for 40 years.  We had a super day together reminiscing old times and looking to the future too.  We sure were some goofy little girls, lots of laughs.

Erie Canal, goes for miles, 360 to be exact.  We took
a little walk along this famous site.

Lovely parks along the trail

Interesting clouds in Rochester, sort of
dark and gloomy, very different.

Big boats and little ducks.

Bridges every where, bridges that rise straight up, there are 
swing bridges.  Types of bridges I'd never known about. 

Brockport, an old and charming downtown.

So funny that we both wore stripped shirts.

My second friend is a man I met online who contacted me with a question about something I wrote on Tripadvisor.  I wrote him back, he wrote me and we became friends.  Larry Weill has written several books and sent me two of them (humorous tales of his summers as a forest ranger in the Adirondacks - great books).  He also gave Kathie and me copies of his latest book, Adirondack Trail of Gold.  It was wonderful to meet Larry in person and we spent a fun lunch together.  He is funny and we enjoyed some of his corny jokes.

Went to a birthday party, a retirement party, a football get together, so it was great to get to meet and spend time with Kathie's friends who just took me in.  Was included in breakfasts, lunches and dinners with her friends and relatives.   I couldn't even count the number of people I met.

Huge retirement party, fun evening.  Tasted
new to me dishes, Chicken French and Greens &
Beans.  Regional food I'd never even heard of.

Such a pretty Fall cake

It was fun visiting during Halloween Season.
Many places/homes went all out and really decorated.

Kathie's friends were super and I had lots of fun with them.

We had to throw in a witch.  Which witch is witch?

Some of Kathie's work friends came after work
for a visit at Wegman's - their amazing supermarket.

More of Kathie's work friends, breakfast get together.

Billy, Kathie's cousin, a great guy.

Another first in Rochester, I attended church with Kathie in a winery. A small congregation and they rent space for the church. The service was nice and the pastor gave a good sermon. Very enjoyable and friendly church.

Nice view of the vineyards

You can see we had a very gray day.  Kathie said 
that Rochester is mostly gray during the winter.

I don't recall every seeing these fuzzy little flowers before, cute.

I wish we would have had ice wine for communion, but it 
was grape juice.  This ice wine was perfect, $6.00 for one 
tasting, but worth it. 

Casa Larga Winery.  Finger Lakes region has some famous
New York wine and there are over 200 wineries in this area.

Spent a day with Kathie's friend Rita driving around the area and went out to the Finger Lakes region, there are 11 lakes. Viewed Keuka Lake and visited Garrett Chapel. Had a nice dinner at Penn Yan then the evening with Kathie's friends watching football.

"Little Chapel on the Mount"

View of Keuka Lake

Kathie with her friend Rita, she's really nice.  
A horsewoman and talented quilter.

Another first for me, a lighthouse on a river/lake.  The Charlotte Genesse lighthouse at Lake Ontario and the Genesse River.  The lake used to go all the way to the lighthouse, but they have filled in much of the area and put in a marina.  Nice views from the top and the trip up was quite an adventure.  The last 10 "steps" were on a metal ladder.

On our last day Kathie drove us out to Letchworth State Park, listed as the #1 State Park in the USA. I can see why. Fall is the time of year to visit it. Spectacular!!!!! We drove through the park and stopped at many overlooks. There is the lower falls, and the high fall. We walked down 127 steep steps and walked through some mud that was like clay and it almost pulled my shoes off. Great walking around the area and a place I will never forget.

This tree is just almost 100% on top of this rock.

127 down, 127 up, then some clay mud,
but we made it.

The colors were beyond belief.  We were about
one week after the peak, but it was fine with me.

Upper Falls, very powerful and lots of noise.  The sun peaked out
and we saw a rainbow, then the sun went behind the clouds.

Looking down from Upper Falls, lots of mist.

Thanks so much Kathie for the wonderful trip.  We put 800 miles on the rental car in a week. You were a great tour guide and a sweet friend. I couldn't have had a better trip.  Considering that we both know everything, we got along great.

Funny our coat colors were so similar.  People
even asked if we were sisters.  But, remember I
am taller, as you can plainly see from this photo.

I'm a true Rochester fan!!!!!!