Monday, May 27, 2013

Settled in Boise

April 24 - May 26, 2013
Being back in Boise has been busy seeing friends and many doctor appointments.  We stayed with friends, stayed in the Residence Inn for 2 weeks (breakfast daily and 4 dinners included).  While at the hotel we made a wonderful friend named Wi Si from China and were able to spend some time showing him a few Boise sites and we had a few BBQs at our hotel.  He just left May 25th, hopefully to return later in June.  We hope so, he's such a nice young man.
Residence Inn
Sunday BBQ
What a good time we had at Cathy's Cinco de Mayo party.  All guests had the opportunity to help squeeze limes - an entire bag - so we had some really authentic margaritas.  Decorations and food were supreme.  We also had tequila tasting and had 5 different types of tequila - 2 of which were flavored. 
Beautiful margarita set
Cathy's usual feast
I loved the almond tequila

John has had 3 doctor appts., 4 lab visits to check his blood, an echo cardiogram, another echo test, chest x-ray and CT scan.  Been to his defibrillator doctor to get his battery checked (still good, unreal).  We have an appt. with his regular heart doctor on May 31st.  I've had physical, mammogram, and have dentist scheduled.  Still have to make appts. for John's dentist and both of us for eye checks. 
This is all in the middle of moving into our brand new 2 bedroom apartment on May 15th.  The grass had not even been put in and landscaping finished yesterday.  It was fun to make the first meal on a stove that had never been used.  I've never lived in a new place so it was exciting.  About 15 steps out our door we have a pool and hot tub, and 2 minutes away we have a gym to use.  We are very lucky to have found this place. 
Bldg 10 - that's us
No plants or grass
Week later - getting plants in
Starting sod at our porch
Pool in the background 
We have Robert with us and he thinks he has found a job.  He went Friday for a drug screen (he passed) and will hear if he got job this week.  He seems happy here and glad to be back with his friends.

So we plan on visiting with friends and catching up.  We've had a few guests so far and it has been wonderful.  One important thing I want to accomplish is to go through the storage unit box by box.  This will be torture.  I've GOT to get rid of more stuff.  If we're in our 2 bedroom and have pretty much what we need the rest is excess.  So I've got to go through all the sentimental stuff and stuff that I love but might not fit in.  I know Robert doesn't want most of it, and I really can't burden him with it.  He's a bit like me and if I ask him if he wants something he will usually say yes.  But I don't want to saddle him with "stuff."

So we're medically stable, happy in our new home and we'll wait to see what is around the corner.  We have a certificate for a free resort week, so we'll be going over to Reno in June, but besides that we'll be sticking pretty close to home.

* We had a "how long will we be gone" contest winner - Tracie Helstowski.  I don't think we would have ever stopped traveling had it not been for John's health.  We were just having too much fun and loved every minute of it.  Tracie refused the prize money, so I will donate that to a special orphanage in Cancun, Mexico, Casa Hogar.