Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our June 2013 Adventures, including Lake Tahoe, Part 2

John was going to proof read this for me today and said that I had already written one on Tahoe.  This must be old age, but it cracked me up.  I am leaving this one too since I have some different pictures and perhaps a different perspective.  More photos anyway.  I will start checking on previous writing before I rewrite.  I actually think it is kind of funny.  Always good when a person can laugh at their self.

Between doctor appointments, VA, eye, dentist, and lunches and dinners with friends we squeezed in a week in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  Drove to Reno on June 7th and spent the night.  Next day walked on the River Walk and enjoyed people watching.  That river through town gets a lot of use.

Resting by the Truckee River
White Water Park - right downtown
Reno, Truckee River
We spent a week in Lake Tahoe, a beautiful place.  We took some nice drives around the lake, and went down to Virginia City to see the capitol building.  Hit a few small jackpots, ate good food and in general had a relaxing trip.
I took a short hike on the Rim Trail.
John and I both took this interpretative
hike.  Lovely meadows, even some snow
still on the ground.

Sunset from our condo taken through
the window screen, gives it an eerie effect.
Beside Lake Tahoe
Beautiful flowering tree
Up close
More lovely yellow
At the shore
From our condo roof top
Spectacular sunsets every night
Nevada State Capitol
Small, elegant
Back home to enjoy our city and many of our parks.

Kathryn Albertson Park
Kathryn Albertson Park with
our friend from China, Wi Su
I love seeing deer and they are usually here. 
They must feel safe and happy.
And with all the good, comes the sad.  We lost our little Cori, who was very sick.  We will always miss him and have a place in our heart for him.  He was a great, fearless little guy, my little Corino.

RIP Cori