Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maui - Sugar Cane and Silverswords Sept. 12 - 18, 2015

Flying into Maui showed us a very different island. Lots of agriculture in the area, lots of flat ground with some huge mountains in the background. Several distinct areas here and exploring them was fun.  We drove every road and saw the entire island.

Flying in to airport 
Sugar cane fields

We landed at Kahului Airport and drove by acres of sugar cane fields to Kihei where we stayed. We saw sugar cane in Costa Rica so we could identify it.   Made a stop along the way to get some groceries and the prices told us we aren't in Kansas anymore. Got to our condo easily and it is beautiful. Arrived just at sunset and all we had to do was look out our sliding glass doors and there it was in all its glory. How cool to be able to see the sunset every night from this lanai. The resort was nice, we did use the pool several times and grilled.

Our first Maui sunset right from our patio

On Sunday we took a long drive up to the North end of the island. We drove State Road 340 until it ended and then we continued on a one lane, poorly paved road with visibility of 30%. When we got back to the room we looked at our car rental map and it said car rental void if you drive from here to here which is where we were. We didn't know. It was scary and bless John for being able to pass cars, stay on the road and get us home safely. People always talk about the Road to Hana, we need T-shirts that say "We Survived 340".  A good adventure though.

Next day we went on a snorkel trip.  We were supposed to go to Molikini, a cool, crescent shaped island, but it was too windy and rough and went to another area and then to "Turtle Town."  

Cute shirt on snorkel boat crew

Snorkel man, so happy he was able to snorkel and enjoy

Such a nice boat

 John was glad to have a wet suit to use

This was thrilling

So hard to photograph fish, they are fast

I will condense my ramblings here with a brief "what we did" and photos with comments.  I'll never get this done if I don't just move along.  You may not know what we had for dinner, but you probably don't care anyway.

Red Headed Cardinal on our patio

Just looking at this while proofreading this looks like an
 alligator.  Even the eye is distinct.  Weird.

Little bit of wind - down by the blow hole.

Blow Hole, many signs on the danger and there were people
right down there next to the ocean on the rocks.

These memorial markers are all over Hawaii.

Kahakuloa Hawaiian Congregational Church on 
the north coast of West Maui.

Cute family from Edmonton, Canada
They shared beach info with us

Don't bug the turtles

All islands we visited had canoe clubs

These are roots, so interesting
This is at our condo where we stayed

Pool at our condo.  We used it twice.

Nice beach, I snorkeled here, but only a few fish
There were turtles, but I couldn't find them.

Lahaina Jodo Mission - Buddist Temple

Hawaiian cemetery right next to beach

This man was shaving and showering here.  Many homeless live 
on the islands and they use beach showers.  One lady had
just finished brushing her teeth and washing her hair.

We had a nice breakfast in Lahaina.  This is a famous
restaurant named "Longhi's"

Lahaina Hard Rock Cafe

Loved these art pieces inside Longhi's

Restaurateur Bob Longhi was a good friend
 of George Harrison*

We took a tour on the "Road to Hana", a pretty tricky road.  I'm sure John could have driven it, but then he couldn't have seen any of the scenery.  So worth the money.  I am doing a separate blog on that.

We took a day trip up to Haleakalā National Park. It was cloudy and overcast and this is how is usually is. Many people drive up there to watch the sunrise or to rent a bike and ride down. The clouds usually increase as the day goes on and it is a rare event to have a sunny afternoon here.

Of course we had to visit the lavender farm.
Lavender was not in bloom.

Protea plant ready to bloom.

Full bloom - such interesting flowers.

Hydrangeas with lavender in the background.

Just a few lavender blooming.

Another lavender farm down the road
Lavender distiller on display.  

The rare silversword plant, native to Mt. Haleakala, 
in bloom. It was huge and amazingly beautiful.

Look at the clouds/mist - no view today.

Where's your coat - we went up in shorts and no 
jacket and we knew better, just forgot.

Silversword - **

 Couldn't really see anything (view) with all the clouds/mist

All day clouds and mist 

Our last sunset - loved our place in Kihei
even though the A/C was on a timer.

Sammy Haggar's - one breakfast w/coffee was over $20

Crazy prices

Maui Airport ready to fly to the Big Island


** http://www.kindofcurious.com/2010/02/eleven-amazing-things-about-haleakala.html