Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today was a floating day -- that was only after we arrived.  Up pretty early for us, 9:30 and out the door at 10:30.  We are just terrible about getting going.  We drove to Horseshoe Bend for breakfast.  I'm on my "sensible eating plan" and had 2 eggs and bacon (sides) no fried potatoes or biscuit ordered.  So my food arrives and they had to be nice to me and give me a biscuit.  I look at that thing and wanted to throw it out the door, but nicely put it on John's plate.  I was sort of funny, trying to be good and they wanted to be nice and give me a biscuit.

Driving to Crouch, stopped to fish a little.  Very scenic area.  John had no bites, but it was a nice little break from driving.

Well, then off up the road to Crouch, got lost a bit and turned into Terrace Lakes Resort so ask for directions.  They laughed at our "mapquest" directions and said they had another couple in this week who had the same ones.  Those directions took you on some fire road and were crazy.  The folks at Terrace Lakes gave us straightforward directions and we were on our way.

Arrived, via gravel road and many times of telling John to slow down.  Got into the Silver Creek Plunge and just relaxed.  We each had two inner tubes, one for the head and one for the feet.  We floated for an hour, got out and had a little lunch.  John had a funny beer (ale) called "Kilt Lifter" -- quite a name.  We had no bottle opener and haven't needed one in 20 years.  He got pliers from our truck and managed to get the bottle opened.  Back in the hot pool for another hour soak and then hitting the road around 5:30 p.m.

Down the mountain after a wonderful and tiring day.  We had a coupon for Sizzler, so stopped and had a nice dinner and I stuck to my sensible eating plan.  A wonderful, relaxing day spent in the Idaho mountains.