Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Count Down - Retirement

Seems like I waited and waited -- and now retirement is right around the corner.  I gave my two week notice Friday, August 10th.  Last day at work will be August 24th. 

Working every day packing up things.  Poor John has been working like a dog every day and it has just been a "great" to have the temperature up in the 90's - 100's+ since the end of June.  It has been exhausting.  The fires in the area have made the air quality almost unbeatheable.

We have sold over 100 items on Craig's list (bless that site - it has helped us so much), 3 garage sales in the last year; furniture in consignment; over 15 trips to the Goodwill..... blessed friends who took what we gave them which helped me so much with my attachment issues --.and with less than 2 weeks to go, we probably still have over 100 boxes to pack.  I do not recommend being a pack rat to anyone.

Our dear friend Cathy is having a Bon Voyage Party for us and we're looking forward to seeing our friends and getting enough hugs to hold us for awhile.

Soon........we'll be in the car and driving up to Canada.  We always put on the Beach Boys "Surfin USA" when we begin our trips, so I'm waiting to hear that song blasting in our car and know that all the hard work is behind us.

I'm going to try to blog weekly to let people know what we're doing, where we I hope you can follow us across the USA and any other place the wind may take us.  It will be funny if we tire of this traveling fast and are "home" in 2 months.  I'm curious to see how we do, how much we enjoy it or don't.

More later....