Thursday, November 16, 2017

Boise Visit 8/17 - with Irma who just finished her hurricane

Never would have imagined this trip could be so weird with Hurricane Irma. Electricity is coming back and things are getting better in FL. Been a great trip, meeting Mikaela, trips to McCall and Utah to visit friends, playing pool, creating a flow art painting, rock painting, eating and eating (yeah)..seeing friends for coffee, and walking on the Greenbelt, it has all been wonderful.
Pet sitting is going great with two sweet little dogs who are very good. Glad the smoke is going away and happy Montana is getting some rain.
Feeling happy and enjoying our time here.

Land of Fire & Ice - Iceland 5/2017

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Iceland - Reykavik. 5/8-13/2017
John and I had wanted to visit Iceland for over 30 years. We saw a documentary called "The Land of Fire and Ice" and were intrigued. So this was a dream realized.
Can't say it was my favorite place or even in the top 500 places I've been. Interesting, different and expensive. It was still pretty cold when we were there and the wind was like nothing I could have even imagined. John had a tour for Southern section and it was cancellend due to wind. Tours the day before for the island were cancelled. Glad we got our one tour in.
One good thing was that the capitol was walkable - if you were able to fight the wind. I visited a nice museum, John and I went on a walking tour and we visited the Volcano Museum - two great movies showing how the volacanoes had created the country and info on the last two big eruptions.
The highlight was our afternoon in the famous Blue Lagoon, sipping wine and soaking. It was my birthday so quite a day to remember.
So here are some photos to share. We only stayed 6 days (me 5 since I left for Norway) and I think this is one place I could have done in 2 days. We have friends who have done extensive car tours and loved it. A big factor for us was blasting wind and cold, cold rain.
So to each his own. Maybe if we'd had summer conditions, 3 weeks and a car our experience could have been different. But to each his own and I am glad we did get to visit.

Just loading the pictures for this all I can think of is wind and cold, wind and cold.