Saturday, March 16, 2013

Busy in Cancun 3/11/13 - 3/15/13

Margarita picked me up at 12:30 p.m. to go with her for girls day. Two of her friends from Canada, Beverly and Jodie were joining us. They live a bit across town in a little community.  Jodie's house is huge, 3 stories and a neat deck. They just bought it in September and have done lots of work on it.

We started the day with some good Italian food. Margarita and I shared a shrimp pizza (first time I'd had that) and we shared a pitcher of sangria. Very nice restaurant, good food. In front of the restaurant was a big chess set that was so cute.
We then went to a crazy store, a huge building three stories tall filled with everything imaginable -- statutes, patio furniture, dishes, jewelry, hats and pirates. It was fun to look at all the cool stuff they had.  If you wanted to look at something that was in the corner it could take someone a half an hour to dig back to make a path.  The bottom floor is particularly crazy.  I did buy a pair of pretty extreme green earrings that I'm going to wear on St. Patrick's Day for our party.  St. Patrick's Day is our anniversary of meeting in 1972, and in addition the day I quit smoking 3 (yes 3) years ago.  What a struggle, but so far so good.  Hardest thing I've ever done. 

Like I said, they had a
little bit of everything

Next door to store is the bakery section of Casa de los Abuelos (where John and I want to eat) and Margarita got a few cookies.  Nice bakery. Next stop the beach, a little bar right before you cross the bridge into tourist zone.  You can spend time there for the price of a meal or drinks. They have a swimming pool and small beach area and marina.   I think we will check that out later when Cathy and Robert come. We visited, had a beer. 

Last stop was Supermara (a grocery only division of Walmart) small, but a place I was able to buy some butter from Denmark, yeah. Picked up a few rolls so I can have some bread and butter tonight when I get home. Long, but fun day and John was happy to see me. Cooked his dinner and to bed early. 

I neglected to take pictures along the way today, so I'm sort of mad at myself.  I guess we were just having too much fun.  I've got to remember to document, document.  When I'm with Margarita it is go, go and I get distracted.  Maybe I need to hang my camera around my neck!!

Tuesday morning John was getting coffee and looked out the window. He called me over saying, “Is that a cat?” I went over to look – right in our tree at eye level (4th floor) and about 3 feet away from our window was an opossum. Amazing, just amazing.

Our little critter
Took bus to Walmart to get TV sound and monitor/computer connection cord.  We subscribed to Net Flicks.  There are only 3 1/2 channels with English.  Robert has an account, but it does not work in Mexico.  But for $10 a month, no contract and with first month free, we can watch movies.  Got what we needed after much looking and walked two blocks to Casa de los Abuelos and had a nice dinner.  Had been wanting to eat here after reading reviews.  Lovely restaurant.
Casa de los Abuelos
One of our goals was to take the bus back to our house.  We waited over 20 minutes in a light sprinkle and one came by, but it was overly packed at rush hour so driver just drove by.  We decided we didn't want to wait longer so caught a cab.
At home we hooked up TV/computer and watched several movies.  Seems like there was speed in our dinner as we were both up until around 4:00 a.m.  Finally got tired and just crashed.
On Wednesday we hit the road about 1:00 p.m.  We just do not motivate well in the mornings anymore.  We wanted to ride the bus all the way, as far as it went so we could figure out how to pick up Cherry who is far down in hotel zone.  We came to the end, which is right as El Rey, (Mayan archaeological site where we have been before) and the bus driver said we had to get off.  We asked if we could pay and just go around but he said no, we had to cross the street and get bus going back.
Stopped by the Surfing Burrito and John had a burrito and we had two beers.  We were here when they first opened.  Fun place with fair prices.  Glad to see they are doing good business.
Tiny place created from an alley space
Only in Mexico
  Walked toward place I wanted to get Tacos and took some silly pictures on the way.
Crazy Taxi
Hot Stuff
In front of CoCo Bongo
My place wasn't open so we went to a little Mayan restaurant and I ordered paella, first time I've had it.  It even had octopus (first time) that I expected to be like rubber bands, but it was very tender.  Had two margaritas each and they were really tasty.  After eating hopped on bus, back to Walmart, picked up a few things and grabbed a cab home.  Exhausting, but fun day.
Thursday decided John has procrastinated long enough in getting blood coagulation time done.  We both studied maps and decided which hospital to go.  Took two buses to get to our destination, and one cab. We stopped for lunch along the way by Plaza los Americas, a huge mall that even has a Sears.  Shopped at Chedraui to get some wooden BBQ skewers.  I'm making satay chicken for Henry's birthday party on Saturday.  Yesterday I tried to explain "skewers" in Spanish (there are several different ways to say it) in Walmart and the nice lady took me over the tongs.  For today, I rewrote the Spanish phrase and smart John put pictures on his phone.  We got our skewers.
Spanish & pictures
We got our skewers
We ate lunch at Sanborn's and each had cochinita pibil burritos that were quite good.  Arrived at Americano Hospital, spoke to English speaking doctor and he took us to the lab next door and they took John right in, drew his blood and said come back for results in one and one-half hour.  We went up to La Quinta Hotel (where I have been going to church service) and we sat in lobby awhile, looked around and went back for results.  We were so happy to see that his blood was 2.4 - which is just where it needed to be.  Yeah.  The total for lab work was around $41.00 US.  We will have to go back at least two more times to get it checked, but now we know where it is so that is a good feeling.
Friday, time is flying by.  Seems impossible we've been here for two weeks.  Up pretty early and John left at 10:30 a.m. to catch the bus to pick up Cherry.  She is pretty far down in the hotel zone.  They will cab back.  Cherry arrived and we had a nice visit.  I made guacamole with tostados for a snack. 

Margarita came late afternoon to take me shopping for chicken.  Cherry came along too and enjoyed the places we went.  Margarita took us by Dublin's Irish Pub so we could be sure it was there since we're having a party there Sunday.  She had driven by last week to locate it and not seen it.  Hard to see and it was on the second floor.
Home, got chicken marinating and cooked chicken for dinner.  We watched a movie.  So funny with Cherry being here because it just seems so natural and usual. She's a special gal and we love her.  She and her two friends (who returned to Indiana in the morning) were on the total go for about 5 days. Exhausted she fell asleep in the chair during the movie.  Poor little gal.  I can't believe what she was able to fit into a few days here - amazing.  She will be with us until Tuesday morning to go to airport - up at 3:00 a.m.  Yikes.
Agenda shows two parties in the next two days, so we should be having fun.  I'll try to remember to take pictures.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Cancun - Our Neighborhood and Sunday Lunch

Friday rested.  I walked over to the little park and read for a little while.  Discovered I had cut my baby toe yesterday when I tripped on boat, so walking a lot hurts.  Should be better in a day or two.  Here is our neighborhood.

No park benches, so I took beach
towel and sat right on rock wall.
Most homes have fancy iron work
bars on at least 1st and 2nd floors,
front yards enclosed
Unusual bars
These 3 houses are surrounding
the park
Sign at park
I do see people cleaning up
after their dogs
Pretty palm in our courtyard
Top window is where we are
Nice breezes, birds singing
Saturday John's leg is swollen a bit so I put him down - grounded to couch for the day.  I went to the store with my backpack, stopped and bought some delicious rice.  We are having our company tomorrow so had to get a few things.  Besides that, resting.  I will make my sauce later. 
After a week here and I missing my car.  I think it is good to be without one for awhile and have to walk to the store, carry groceries back.  I hope I lose some weight with all the walking I am doing.  A trip to the store sounds pretty easy, but I've got injured toes so walking in my flip flops.  Now I go down half a block, turn left and go about a block.  Now I am at a huge, and I mean huge intersection.  Trying to count the ways traffic are coming and I estimate about 7.  So, without using lights, I have to watch traffic like a hawk.  In Mexico I don't think the pedestrian has the right of way.  It is sort of biggest guy wins and I'm surely not as big as a car.  So you look 4 ways and cross one street.  I do this 5 times to arrive safely on the sidewalk to walk to the store.  They also have very high curbs here so that is a challenge for a short person.  Just wanted to mention all this because it just sounds like "Oh, I walked to the store."  Now for my son at 23, it probably will be a snap.  So you can see why I insisted John stay home today.
Cancun symbol
Sort of divide between tourist zone
and El Centro Downtown

Cherry Facebooked me that her plane, hotel had changed and asked us to cancel her reservation since she couldn't seem to get through from the U.S.  I called, but was told to call back tomorrow between 9-6.  Cherry will be able to stay with us for a few days and we are so excited to be able to spend time with her.
Gena got up at 8:00 and called to cancel Cherry's reservation.  Was picked up at 9:45 a.m. by Henry and Margarita for church.  Full church this morning and very powerful sermon that makes one think, not a fluffy sermon.  Met a nice visitor, his name is Trevor and he's from Illinois, 21 yrs. old and living down here for awhile.  He seems like a nice guy and someone Robert could hang out with.  I had invited Henry and Margarita ("H&M") for lunch and we saw Trevor walking home so I yelled out of car to see if he wanted to come to lunch.  He said yes, and we were brought home.   H&M had stuff to do and were going to return at 2:00 p.m.  We had a fun visit with Trevor and got to know him.  We probably had more fun since we got to tell our travel stories.  He is a really nice guy.
I cooked some white fish Vera Cruz, zucchini, and Pollo Feliz rice I bought yesterday.  H&M brought a nice bottle of Mexican wine and some tostados (baked and whole that you break into fourths) and guacamole.  So we had a wonderful feast and lots of fun conversation.  I served chocolate tortugas (turtles with pecans).  Margarita made John some Jamaica water (I think hibiscus flower) that helps with swelling.  Henry put our water on our tank and took out our trash.  Dear people.  Trevor was so sweet in saying that if we needed anything he would be glad to help.  He a big, very strong young man, so we may have to take him up on the offer.
Our little kitchen
Self serve
L-R - Trevor, John, Henry and Margarita
White Fish Vera Cruz, Zucchini & Rice
Looking forward to the next week and hoping John's swelling goes down.  Cherry will be here and we can't wait to see her.  So far so good.  Hasta luego!