Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kissimmee (Sanford, Epcot, Winter Park, Clermont) - our annual trip 2/5/2017

New vow -- keep this simple.  Let's see how I do.

Started our trip with an invitation from our friend who just got a new apartment in Sanford, FL and she wanted us to come visit.  We had Saturday open so drove over.  We had never been to this city and it was quite a pleasant surprise.  They have a river walk, a spectacular historic area and a very fun bar scene.  All of this is within walking distance from Terisa's apartment.  Even ran into an old friend from Orlando downtown Sanford.  Small world.

Manatees, no longer on endangered list, yeah.

Really nice B&B in Historic District.

Wonderful brunch Sunday at Santiago Bodega.
A true feast and all so delicious.

Historic District

Fun yard art

We come to Vacation Village in Kissimmee each year for a week to spent time with our Canadian pals, and we did have lots of fun with them.

We were in a brand new building.

Bright and shiny.

Lammy is a nurse who has gone to Haiti with
a Canadian medical missionary team (paying her own way)
about 20 times.  She's just a great person.

This garden in Winter Park is special
and we've been there four times.  We
took Walt and Lammy and they enjoyed it.

Look at the size of the leaves (and Walt)

Some amazing homes on the lake

This home was built for Mr. Rogers by his parents
 when he was here attending Rollins College.

Great burgers - Burgerfi, new chain 4 1/2 stars
a real winner.  The meat was so good.

After lunch we headed to the Morse Museum that features Tiffany glass.  The museum was free that day, what a surprise.  This is one of the best museums I've ever been to.  Was expecting maybe 30 objects.  The largest Tiffany collection in the world.  I could have spent a day here.  No glass art lover should miss this museum.  I'd take this place over the Magic Kingdom any day.

We had a full day at Epcot with our friend Wendy.  This was our one and only trip there and while interesting I don't see any reason to return.  John did amazing and somehow managed to keep up with us all day and part of the evening.

Saw a few Mouse Bride and Grooms

Wendy and I spent an afternoon together at Harry P. Leu Gardens.  Nice, not spectacular, but relaxing as we strolled around, sat and visited.  We saw turtles and a big old owl way up in the tree.  That was cool.

Many interesting sculptures throughout the garden.

One never knows what lurks in the garden.

Our annual visit to Old Town for the car viewing and cruise.  Our resort is about one mile from it.  Shopping and food.  We always enjoy seeing the great vintage cars.  This was our first time seeing the fast cars, vintage was the next night.

Another adventure with Wendy. Met for breakfast and walked at the Clermont Historic Museum - Water Front Park.  Been to Clermont many times and didn't even know about this area.
We had such a good time walking.  We met a nice couple who were cooking and they insisted we have some food.  I will never forget them.

  Purple Martin apartments

Historic buildings in park

Lovely couple we met who insisted they feed us.
They were from French Guina (So. America).

 After the park, we went to visit my friend Tom.  Met him several years ago as a couch surfer.  An amazing guy, kind hearted, and he has collected elephants from all over the world.  I've taken several friends to see his amazing home.  He has truly traveled the world.

My favorite, about 3 feet tall and solid mahogany.
He had it shipped home, can't imagine what it weighs.

Paintings done by elephants

Next, off to my favorite winery that I try to visit each year. They use the
muscadine grape, a native Florida grape, that has the best and such a different flavor.

How did this week go by so fast.  Our best trip to Kissimmee!!!!!  I only spent one afternoon at the pool, too busy to relax.   Already booked for next year.