Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fun in July with friends, old & new

July turned out to be an amazing month.  Made new friends, and had new experiences.  How cool is that.  So without further ado, he's what July fun was.

Photo Meet Up - B/W Photo Tour

 Happened onto this at Julia Davis


 Julia Davis Park Rose Garden

4th of July feast - only the 3 of us

 Happy Birthday America

I stood for an hour to get a fire work picture

 I have to remind myself why we are here.  I prefer having fun.

Meet Up down at the Green Belt,  Music and dinner.  What a great Cobb salad.

Me and my buddy, both lavender fiends, so where else but a Lavender Festival

 Mini golf with our Godson, Cameron

 Can't go here with out driving the race cars.

 All buckled in?

 Cameron is ready to go

Our date day - finally made it to Anne Frank Memorial
It was a wonderful and well done memorial.  So glad we finally got there.

Cool, old trestle bridge over the Boise River

Cairns in the Boise River

 Over 60 great quotes at Memorial

 My rock painting party for Peace Rocks.  We had a 
wonderful time and there was lots of talent there.

Cathy really got into her work - blue nose

We sure had a good time.

A highlight of the month was the Spirit Horse concert
I attended.  Flute music and story telling by John Two-Hawks.
An evening I will never forget, it was amazing and very moving.

Jodi, lunch on the patio

Beautiful flowers from my friend Jodi

Jason, my neighbor from 1984, all grown up and we were
at his son's 4th birthday party.  We had a blast......time flies so fast.

Sam, Jason's wife created one heck of a Mickey Mouse theme party.

Jayce, 4 years old, loves to BBQ with Dad

Here's the silly mousketeer

 Had the privilege to attend my new friend, Magda, 
daughter's quinceanera.  Helped take some photos.  What a beautiful party.

 I got to take the fun photos.

At our apartment the sun was shining on these so pretty. 

Had a nice lunch at Linda and Chris' House.  
Linda's cute cat.

Kitty Cat #2, just posed for me.  Rare to be able to
get such a good picture of an animal - at least for me.

They have such a pretty yard and beautiful flowers.

Chris and Linda, a treat of  BBQ steak.
We had a fun day.

My new friend, Connie.  She was so nice to
bring over her Trykke so we could see it and try it out.  No 
broken bones, but I did have some sore muscles.

I was quite the speed demon.  At least I didn't fall
and these are surprisingly stable.  Fun and then Connie 
took me to lunch at Cracker Barrel.  

Go Johnny, go Johnny, go Johnny go.
He was able to turn a circle, I wasn't.

So an amazingly fun month.  I've got to buckle down a little more, but storage is really looking good and we see progress.  It has been so fun to be back in Boise - with some of the best people on earth.  Right away when we arrived in May we noticed how good and kind people are here. 

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