Monday, April 27, 2015

Adventures in Albuquerque

April 4, 2015, up at 5:30 a.m. for a fast drive to Albuquerque to meet with Eric, a couch surfer I met on line, who wanted to show us around the town.  We met for a great breakfast at a landmark, Frontier Restaurant, which is right across the street from the University of NM.  Love NM when I can eat carne adovada for breakfast.  They have a John Wayne room and all decor is interesting.

Navajo rugs on the ceiling.

After breakfast Eric took us down to old town, the typical Mexican city plaza, and we looked around at the historical houses, church, wonderful sculptures and fun shops.  We enjoyed Eric taking his time to show us around.  He was a super nice guy.

San Felipe de Neri Church
Built in 1793

We were here the day before Easter

Of "Breaking Bad" fame.
Eric was surprised we didn't know more about the show

The city is getting to be Hollywood of NM
They are filming a lot of movies here.

Outside the Albuquerque Museum
There were many impressive sculptures.

Our wonderful tour guide and friend, Eric.

Had a quick nap in the afternoon so we could get to my surprise for John. We celebrated our anniversary of meeting going up in the Sandia Tram, 2.7 miles up, for a dinner at High Finance Restaurant. We were at 10,378 feet with a panoramic view of the Rio Grande Valley which affords an 11,000 square-mile view.  Windy, cold and there was some snow on the ground.  Watched the sunset at dinner. We could really feel the altitude. 

Looking down at the parking lot

Chilly at the top, still had snow on the ground

Surprise anniversary of meeting for John
Gosh, where have 43 years gone?

Easter, so up at 5:00 a.m. so we could go to Sunrise Service. Found a Methodist Church that was very close to our hotel. A very friendly church and they insisted we stay for their Easter breakfast. We had a wonderful time and felt like family. This was what a church should be like.

After church we visited the Petroglyph National Monument and found it to be very interesting.  They had two easy hikes that we were able to do to view the petroglyphs and that was fun.  There were signs along the trails explaining the history.

Wonder what this one says?

We enjoyed our first time in Albuquerque.  We'd driven through it several times and been to the Balloon Festival for a few hours, but it was fun getting to know this great city.

Next blog will be Taos, Santa Fe and Tucson.

If any of you want to see more photos of specific things, or know more details just let me know.  I usually have lots more pictures than I put on my blog.

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