Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 16-24th FL, AL, LA & TX

Oh we're having so much fun.  We've seen so many old and new friends I'm almost dizzy.  Many new experiences and just rich days.  I'll just put a few notes by photos.  I can write too much detail that people don't care I'll try to be brief.

3/16/15 left Boise for Gainesville.  Robert spent the night with us and then arrived in Boise two, yes two days later.  He was an animal driver.

Gainesville, FL 3/17/14
Bye Robert, drive safe

Mayo, FL - city park, beautiful oaks
3/17/15 - our 43rd anniversary of meeting

Tallahassee, FL, the old state capitol, now a museum

Tiffany, our new friend.  She accepted our CS request.
Great gal, new long time friend.

3/18/15 - Dothan, Al
Botanical garden and you can tell it is Spring

No cell, no GPS here.  We're in backwoods
Alabama.  Brewton at Rene's house.  She's 
a great lady, a painter by trade.  We had a
nice camp fire.  No CC&Rs here.

Rene's cute little house.  Rent $250/month

Brewton, AL has some very beautiful historical homes.

Brewton Bank - amazing artwork*

The architecture on this old bank building in Brewton, Alabama is stunning. Known today as being the oldest bank in the state of Alabama, it was established in 1889 by a Civil War veteran and was the only bank between Montgomery and Mobile at the time.

 Downtown Brewton
Refurbishing mural

Founded 1886, Universalist Church, currently the Cornerstone 
Community Church.  A real work of art.

Moving along

Lake Charles, L'Auberge Casino.  Met our friend Melinda for crab buffet feast.  We met in Galveston in 4/2011 through CS.

Southern King Crab - huge and tasty.  First time I had this type of crab.  I ate my share, well, more than my share.  I also had my first frog leg here.  It tasted like chicken (surprise, huh).

Melinda with us

Headed to TX in all day rain

Lorraine's house in Spring, Tx  She made us a great pork roast dinner.
We met her on a cruise 4/11

Sunday church with Lorraine 3/22/15.
Church is "Church Project" and I loved it.

Interesting tour - in Huntsville, TX - 3/22/15

Went to a fancy mall, The Woodlands, that had a boat ride!!!
Dinner at Cheesecake Factory was so good

John drove us down to Galveston Island,
took a free ferry ride, yes free.  4/23/15

Birds looking for handouts - just gliding with ferry

Down by sea wall, tides just wash up huge amounts of trash

Bolivar Point Lighthouse

Had a nice lunch here.  Good view of harbor and Pleasure Pier in background.
Built in 1940, ruined by Hurricane Carla, and again by Ike.
Refurbished once again in 2012.

Ride home took over 2 hours (74 miles) and this was on a Monday.  Houston
has a nice skyline

3/24/15 City Hall in the City of Elgin (pronounced L-gun).

Town's history is interesting.  We visited the museum in their train depot.  City is the sausage capitol of Texas (we bought some delicious sausage).  They have been making bricks there since the being founded in 1872,  and it is also the brick capitol of the southwest. 

With our side trips we finally arrived in Austin in the late afternoon.  We're staying at an AirBnb home we rented for 4 days, so we can rest up a little before we journey on.  We'll see what adventures we find here so tune in to my next blog.

One of my traveling friends wrote that he was just back home.  If you think we travel, here is his trip: 117 days RTW trip, after 33 flights, 71+ hotels, 10.000+ car rental kilometers.....  I don't think I could go like he does.

*not my photograph.  I couldn't get a good one of the entire front.

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