Monday, July 7, 2014


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2012 - 2013

I wanted to take a little time and reflect on our trip and experiences.  I will keep this in draft form until I run out of thoughts.  Sometimes it is hard to take experiences and break them down, but this will be a golden opportunity for me to take time to reflect on the richness of our time on the road.

1.  John and I did a great job of traveling together for 24/7.  He never had an issue (that's John) and I had a few days where I had to go spend a little time by myself.  Overall, it was so fun and we had lots of laughs.

2.  Surprised at how much we fell in love with Florida IN THE WINTER.  To think of spending 99% of the time in short and flip flops.  It was amazing.

3.  For the most part, people really don't care what others are doing.  It reaffirms the knowledge that we are all very self-centered.

4.  The kindness of strangers.  We met some great people in our travels who became real friends.

5.  I need to work on my definition of friends vs. acquaintances.

6.  Some people in the East do not even think about the West.  I had one person tell me, Oh, yeah the West.  We always forget about that."  I found this amazing.

7.  Savannah, GA is a most beautiful and special city.  The important homes were almost all torn down except for the efforts of a group that formed and literally bought the homes and renovated them.  Bless that group for the foresight.  The parks and old homes ARE Savannah.

8.  That I was able to get through two hospitalizations of John being so far from home.  The great part was that I wasn't alone since I knew God was with me every step of the way and I'm so thankful.

New Orleans was not a favorite.  I thought I'd love that city, but didn't.

2014 - 6 week trip up coast and back down through KY and TN.

New York - a city we "had" to go to, but didn't think we'd care for.  It turned out to be magical and I love it.  Would return again and again.

Discovered "She Crab Soup" in Savannah (sweet Savannah).  I could live on that stuff.

Central Park is a blast for people watching.

Syracuse, NY has some of the best preserved historical buildings.  I enjoyed it so much and didn't have enough time there.

Richmond, VA was a great city.  We were able to see many things there and I could still go back.

I am addicted to photography.  Clouds, sunsets, old/historical buildings.

I am fascinated by architecture.

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  1. I really like this format. Fun little thoughts and musings to share. Hope you do more.