Monday, March 11, 2013

Cancun - Our Neighborhood and Sunday Lunch

Friday rested.  I walked over to the little park and read for a little while.  Discovered I had cut my baby toe yesterday when I tripped on boat, so walking a lot hurts.  Should be better in a day or two.  Here is our neighborhood.

No park benches, so I took beach
towel and sat right on rock wall.
Most homes have fancy iron work
bars on at least 1st and 2nd floors,
front yards enclosed
Unusual bars
These 3 houses are surrounding
the park
Sign at park
I do see people cleaning up
after their dogs
Pretty palm in our courtyard
Top window is where we are
Nice breezes, birds singing
Saturday John's leg is swollen a bit so I put him down - grounded to couch for the day.  I went to the store with my backpack, stopped and bought some delicious rice.  We are having our company tomorrow so had to get a few things.  Besides that, resting.  I will make my sauce later. 
After a week here and I missing my car.  I think it is good to be without one for awhile and have to walk to the store, carry groceries back.  I hope I lose some weight with all the walking I am doing.  A trip to the store sounds pretty easy, but I've got injured toes so walking in my flip flops.  Now I go down half a block, turn left and go about a block.  Now I am at a huge, and I mean huge intersection.  Trying to count the ways traffic are coming and I estimate about 7.  So, without using lights, I have to watch traffic like a hawk.  In Mexico I don't think the pedestrian has the right of way.  It is sort of biggest guy wins and I'm surely not as big as a car.  So you look 4 ways and cross one street.  I do this 5 times to arrive safely on the sidewalk to walk to the store.  They also have very high curbs here so that is a challenge for a short person.  Just wanted to mention all this because it just sounds like "Oh, I walked to the store."  Now for my son at 23, it probably will be a snap.  So you can see why I insisted John stay home today.
Cancun symbol
Sort of divide between tourist zone
and El Centro Downtown

Cherry Facebooked me that her plane, hotel had changed and asked us to cancel her reservation since she couldn't seem to get through from the U.S.  I called, but was told to call back tomorrow between 9-6.  Cherry will be able to stay with us for a few days and we are so excited to be able to spend time with her.
Gena got up at 8:00 and called to cancel Cherry's reservation.  Was picked up at 9:45 a.m. by Henry and Margarita for church.  Full church this morning and very powerful sermon that makes one think, not a fluffy sermon.  Met a nice visitor, his name is Trevor and he's from Illinois, 21 yrs. old and living down here for awhile.  He seems like a nice guy and someone Robert could hang out with.  I had invited Henry and Margarita ("H&M") for lunch and we saw Trevor walking home so I yelled out of car to see if he wanted to come to lunch.  He said yes, and we were brought home.   H&M had stuff to do and were going to return at 2:00 p.m.  We had a fun visit with Trevor and got to know him.  We probably had more fun since we got to tell our travel stories.  He is a really nice guy.
I cooked some white fish Vera Cruz, zucchini, and Pollo Feliz rice I bought yesterday.  H&M brought a nice bottle of Mexican wine and some tostados (baked and whole that you break into fourths) and guacamole.  So we had a wonderful feast and lots of fun conversation.  I served chocolate tortugas (turtles with pecans).  Margarita made John some Jamaica water (I think hibiscus flower) that helps with swelling.  Henry put our water on our tank and took out our trash.  Dear people.  Trevor was so sweet in saying that if we needed anything he would be glad to help.  He a big, very strong young man, so we may have to take him up on the offer.
Our little kitchen
Self serve
L-R - Trevor, John, Henry and Margarita
White Fish Vera Cruz, Zucchini & Rice
Looking forward to the next week and hoping John's swelling goes down.  Cherry will be here and we can't wait to see her.  So far so good.  Hasta luego!







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