Thursday, October 10, 2013

Balloon Festival - Albequrque, NM 10/9/13

Up at 3:00 a.m. to get ready for a quick drive to Albuquerque for the Mass  Ascension.

We went on Wednesday, mid week, to hopefully avoid crowds which we did.  Got parked, got ticket, shuttle to field, timely balloons, shuttle back and we were on our way back to Santa Fe.  Lucky we're not into shopping, so we avoided getting more "stuff" and spending money.  A very reasonable price, parking $10.00 and our tickets were $8.00 each -- can't beat that.  Wind was perfect.  If it is too windy the balloons can't go up -- especially the huge and oddly shaped character balloons.  Just the best ballooning conditions and we were so lucky to see them all.

Theme this year was "Enchanted Sunrise" and it sure was.  The world's largest ballooning event has more than 550 hot air balloons, including more than 90 special shapes, representing more than 18 countries. Albuquerque's population swells by 500,000 visitors enjoying the world's most-photographed event.

Not much needs to be said, so I'm just posting some photos.  Hope you enjoy................

Bundled up, it was a cold morning
We all could get right up to the balloons

The balloons were so close

Darth Vader

Hum, a pink elephant??

Wave after wave launching
Over 550 balloons

See the plane trail over balloon
Many planes were flying around
I imagine their view was fantastic

This got blown up, but didn't make it off the ground.  
They actually had a "back up" black and
white regular balloon they were able to launch

Color, color, color
Had to change batteries in my camera and the SD card

There were some great character balloons.  Things were going up so fast
I'd look up and there would be new creatures.

Even an angry bird made the scene

Love the happy face balloon

Due to trademark - this big
guy is called "Aaron", but we
know who he really is

Is this spider piggy bank?

The 3  bees all took off together
and we thought they were one balloon

Cutest bees

Beautiful colorful hummingbird

Evil looking hornet

Balloon from England

The sky was so full of balloons

All bundled up, it was chilly

The End of a fabulous morning we 
will never forget.  Cross this off the
Bucket List


  1. SO GLAD you got to see the Balloon Fiesta. We caught it last year. Your photos brought back such fun memories. Yes, it is quite a visual spectacle isn't it? Everyone should see it.

  2. Love the great pictures of the hot air balloons!!! Did they offer rides? I guess not or I'm sure you (Gena) would have hopped in LOL