Monday, September 23, 2013

Wrapping Up Boise - CA here we come 9/15/13

What a good rest we had in Boise - mid April - Sept 15th.  It was wonderful to see our friends, parties, dinners, BBQ's, gold panning and gold meetings for John.  Made new friends while here, so it was beyond our expectations.

Cinco de Mayo party - great, thanks Cath.
Lots of hot tubbing - 20 steps from our door.  I will miss that.
I became grill master.  John hates doing it, so I decided I'd jump in if I wanted BBQ.
Gold panning in Idaho City a few times
Went bowling, played pool, and hit Dave & Busters
Ate some of our favorite food.  John has been dramatically curtailed, but we managed to fit in a few of his favorites.
John's recovery from very near death
John's new pacemaker put in 8/20/13, the day after his 68th birthday.  Doing good.
Our cute little apartment that is easy to keep clean.
Spending time with Robert and helping support him to move forward to get job, make school decisions.
Cruise to Alaska
Trip to Portland
Week in Lake Tahoe
Mini trip to our little Jackpot, NV

So it has been excellent and we leave with sadness with the exception in knowing that the "white stuff" and cold will be coming.  We are now more Florida winter people in our short and flip flops.

Come see us.  We're hoping that we will be in Clearwater, Florida for 14 months helping Robert as he goes through tech school to get his A&P (air frame and power plant) license.  An accelerated program that he should do well in as he is extremely mechanically inclined.

P.S.  We had a contest to have people guess the date when we would get home.  We did have a winner.  The winner would not take the $100, so we donated that money to Casa Hogar, an orphanage in Cancun, Mexico.  Just wanted people to know we didn't fall back on our word.  Interesting is that we would not have even been ready to "come home" had it not been for John's terrible health.  That forced us back -- we weren't ready to stop.  I hope we both can just keep going until we keel over.  We've got our fingers crossed.

Below, a few memories in photos.

May 2013
Robert, Wu Xi, and me
MK Nature Center

Residence Inn - 14 day stay
My birthday BBQ 

Cinco de Mayo party at Cathy's house

June 2013
John - Truckee River
Downtown Reno, NV

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Sunset

July 2013
Leaving the Port of Seattle
Headed North to Alaska

Fruit/veggie carving demos on ship

Mendenhall Glacier
Juneau, AK

My friend Dave, a musher in Juneau

Bridal Veil Falls
Skagway, AK

At the summit, pretty windy up there
Canada was about 5 miles down the road

I love this picture.  It looks like our
ship is coming right down main street.

Our ship was 17 floors and this
 glacier was taller than our ship.  Just huge.
Glacier Bay State Park

They only allow two cruise
ships a day into this area

Glacier Bay

Run off under the glacier creates small river
The glacier melt makes water color teal.

Ketchikan, AK

Totem BightHistorical Park
Ketchikan, AK

Victoria, BC Canada

Victoria, BC Canada

Olympia, WA Statehouse

Friends for 50 years
Colleen Lawrence, Olympia, WA

Mini trip to Jackpot, NV

August 2013
Cathy made John a birthday dinner

Million dollar view from Portland, VA
Hospital.  John's pacemaker August 20th

Robert and John pre-surgery
My beloved Nat Soo Pah
with Cathy on WTE campout

Put Robert's El Camino up for sale, sad.
John gave Robert our truck, so something's
got to go.  Had this car for 10 years.

September 2013
I grilled a lot at our apartment on our
small patio with small grill.

We took Wu Xi up to Idaho City
for the day - lunch & gold panning
 lessons of course

John doing his favorite thing --
teaching gold panning

My last hot tub at our apartment
So glad we stayed here, it was great.
A double rainbow on our last day at
our apartment.  Looks like we were sent
off on our adventure with good luck wishes.

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