Sunday, February 10, 2013

Visual Blog #1 - January 2013

I've decided to try a visual blog - with just notes, so that people who don't really care about all our details can get a flavor of our travels.  Hope you enjoy.

January 2013

Let's Celebrate
Happy New Year
with our friends from Daytona Beach
New Year's Eve Count Down
Ball Falling, Fireworks over the ocean
Downtown Block Party
Daytona Beach, Florida
View from our room
Ormond Beach, Florida
Ripley's Believe it or Not
Had so much trouble walking
through this tunnel of twirling lights
We just cracked up, almost fell over
St. Augustine, Florida
St. Augustine Lighthouse
Still active
Construction began 1871
Castillo de San Marcos
Constructed by the Spanish between 1672 and 1695
St. Augustine, Florida
Making Chocolate Covered Cherries
Toured Angell & Phelps
Founded 1925
Daytona Beach, Florida
These "shells" are made of chocolate
and they are sitting in sugar
Car show at "Old Town"
Crazy "Red Neck" truck.  You can't
 see the details but it has everything
and is so funny.
Kissimmee, Florida
John spent a week in the hospital
Had fluid on the lungs, some swelling
so he got a good week of rest
Front of Florida Hospital
Winter Park
John had very good care there
Meet with CS Tom, Clerment, FL, and his friend
Tom from Finland.  Tom took us around, we
had lunch and dinner out.  A great day.
Stopped at authentic German bakery
for pastry, coffee and sitting out
and visiting
Tom collects elephants and has them
from all over the world, every shape,
size, material.  This one is beautiful
carved wood.
Our first company on our trip
Made dinner for Tom,
Robert from Denmark
Fun to entertain
Looking my Norwegian best at
Highland Games
Caber Toss
Azalea Garden Park
Florida is so different
Eola Park
Downtown Orlando
Best Tree
Limbs touch ground - amazing
This picture can't do it justice
House in Key West
Very different balcony
Here's looking at you kid
Baby Key Deer
Key Deer Buck
He is a real beauty who just posed for us
My size lobster
Florida Keys
Sunset starting
Long Key, Florida
Florida Keys

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