Friday, April 22, 2011

The beginning.......preparation is key

While on our last day of vacation in Galveston, TX (4/20/11), John (DH) and I were talking about our upcoming retirement.  John has been retired for several years now, so we're hoping to get me retired soon so we can enjoy our days together.  Let's hope Obama doesn't mess up anymore things so that I will have to work until I'm 102.  WARNING:  There will be anti-Obama comments throughout this blog, so if it offends you -- tough.  

We know that we are going to travel the entire United States (maybe not AK or HI), but on a budget.  What are we going to do daily to keep entertained, beach, park, library, walks -- since we won't have money to do every tourist attraction available.  John suggested I start a blog since I like to think, dream and eat travel  -- and I thought that was a great idea. 

In this blog, I will write about getting ready to retire which involves many things.  Great planning is necessary.  We have to downsize -- this means getting rid of many years worth of junk and treasures alike.  We've had some good success with Craig's List - and being free has been wonderful. 

We want to sell our house (so happy the market is screwed!!!) and have been trying to get our house in good shape.  We have so many projects and so little energy it is hard, but little by little we are making headway.  We will pack the small amount of possessions that we need/want to keep and get those into storage.  I'm a pack rat -- John is too -- so this is hard.  It is also hard to determine what is a need and want.  So many crazy things seem to have a sentimental value to us.  We are facing many hard days ahead sorting.

Just thought this would be fun write about our preparations for our grand trip and then continue once we hit the road and start our seeing America adventures.

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  1. I think the blog is an excellent idea!! I will enjoy reading it. Hopefully you will inspire me to blog more myself!!! And lucky me getting to be "Follower #1"!!!