Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Tastes of Europe

Some foods I've had the pleasure (usually) of experiencing.  I have many more.

With Raphael and Chloe, I treated them to ice cream.  Europe has
excellent ice cream because their cream is so high in fat content.
La Gacilly, France, 6/2019

Kouign amann
Not my photo, but had to show what it
looks like.  I just ate mine, so good.
Oh I just read this, so no surprise it is a top five favorite of mine:
Kouign-amann is a Breton cake, described in the New York Times as "the fattiest pastry in all of Europe." The name comes from the Breton language words for cake and butter.

Raphael said I had to try this so he bought me one, it
was so buttery and perfect.  150 year
old pastry recipe.  I think they have it perfected.

Beautiful potatoes

Fancy sandwich

We had savory crepes for dinner and then sweet crepes
with fruits and ice cream, Nantes 6/19

A different type of Goulash

Pig Knuckle

Goulash in bread bowl, very
typical.  We had this several times.

Strudel and the best creme

I ordered a flight of Absinthe - from cheap
to very expensive.  Potent stuff.  They also had absinthe
ice cream I wanted to try but it wasn't ready yet.  Prague 9/2018

Pretzels that hang there on the table.
You pay per pretzel.  Nice snack with your beer.
Prague 9/2018

Shown below, this shows how they make it.
Very different and interesting.

Mike's pork knuckle, Prague, 9/18
I think he's still there eating it.

Looked better than they tasted
Prague, 9/18

Fried cheese, Prague, 9/18

No, not yarn, this was wonderful cheese.
Prague, 9/2018

Beautiful market in Prague 9/18

Ask for creme, you get creme!!!!!!!  Heaven.

Now that's layers, yum.

We tried many beer brands in Prague, 9/18
Crash Test - with dummy who hates his job!!!!

So good, so messy.  Prague, 9/2018
They roll this dough on a stick like thing and
cook it over charcoal to make the cone.


My favorite, Limoncello

Now that's roasted pig
Prague, Hungary, 9/18

Quick late lunch at Ikea, the ran out of my
favorite meatballs, Croque Monsier
Nantes, France 6/19  Daim candy was great!!!!

Restaurant known for their American style hamburger and loaded fries
Was not very American, Nantes, 6/19

Probably the most buttery sweet pastry I
ever had, Nantes, France 6/19

Pizza in Nantes, France 6/19
Pizza in Europe is so different, so plain compared
to ours in the US.  We do tend to put everything on ours.

My contribution to 4th of July 2019
This did not come out the way I wanted it too.  It is always
hard for me to cook in Europe.  Ingredients are close, but
not always exactly what I want.  At least I had the
American spirit and did celebrate.  Tasted good.

Philippine Food in Nantes, France

This was so funny.  I asked Chloe what this was on
the menu and what I got out of her explanation was
a sort of tartare so it was a huge, huge surprise 
when these mussels came out.  They were great though.
It was so funny and we really laughed.

Just a few more to throw in.

London, a high tea we went enjoyed.

London, Bangers & Mash

This is pretty much what we lived on in London,
Fish & Chips.  Not a fan of their cuisine (except high tea).

Many interesting beverages in the UK.

Galette, mushroom/cheese - French when we were in Chantilly, France.
I always forget that they cook the eggs (or don't cook the
eggs) like this.  I can't eat that so have to drag it off.
Galette - a flat round cake of pastry or bread, savory from potatoes or buckwheat.

Ham/Cheese raw egg yuck, galette

Chinese restaurant in London.  With the coolest tea pot and cup.
The cup is blown or molded glass with air in between the inside
and outside of the cup so you hand doesn't get burned.  Cheryl bought
me one of these.  I fell in love with the concept.

Our Chinese lunch in London.  Love the way they
tied the dough and made a beautiful carrot.